Do NOT Wait !!

You Can Refuse A Heart Attack!

Trust Me …. YOU CAN!

You Can Refuse to Suffer a Heart Attack!

This deadly attack is almost entirely preventable… Life Style is the primary deciding factor.

If you are looking for reliable, relevant and proven scientific information to reverse coronary heart disease and minimize your risk of suffering a heart attack – you have come at the right place.

Here, you will get all the information that you will ever practically need.

No need to work through confusing, often conflicting,
information overload on the internet.

Here, on this site, you will find – Scientifically Proven information to reduce and reverse various heart attack risk factors by making
Emotionally Intelligent and comprehensive lifestyle changes.

Realize that if you can stop coronary artery blocks from growing any further AND start opening existing blocks - you are on your way to refuse to suffer any pending heart attack.

And, you can HEAL YOUR HEART by making RIGHT CHANGES in

• Nutrition
• Exercise and Physical Activity
• Smoking ..and
• Stress

For some people, right information is enough to make the right changes. If that is you – congratulations.

Feel at home. At your own pace, browse the information filled pages on this site. You will discover scientifically proven, usable facts and insights that can help you prevent & reverse even advanced coronary artery blocks.

Begin now and refuse to suffer a heart attack.

Just in case, if you don’t find what you are looking for – please, don’t hesitate. ..... contact us with your question.

I Understand Your Anxiety ...

Often, information alone is not sufficient to make inner-changes.

I have been through this struggle.

I understand your anxiety and fear. Also your desire to change few critical things in your life. And, the subconscious resistance that stops you when you try to make those meaningful changes.

I understand because I have been through this roller coaster adventure.

At 37, I was confronted with similar challenge that you are facing right now.

I am a physician.

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Lack of Information was not the issue for me when I was diagnosed with angina and myocardial ischemia. I knew that either I mend my life or be ready to suffer a premature, preventable death from a possible heart attack anytime in future.

I had all the information... Still...

..changing life-time-habits was the real challenge.

I was lucky to find wisdom to listen to that small voice in my heart.

Instead of fighting against it by will power – I learned to listen to my heart.

And, this emotionally intelligent insight was the turning point for me. 10 years gone and I have not looked back.

Today, I am "younger" than I was 10 years ago.

I am grateful to my guide, my family members and specially my dear wife – who motivated me, supported me and gently coaxed me to live a healthy lifestyle. Suddenly life has become full of meaning.

I am passionate about sharing my gifts with you.

In your change-journey if you ever feel the need of an understanding, compassionate, human help - it is just a click away.

I Am Committed To Help YOU in...

...making those life enhancing critical changes.

You can count on us whether it is about..

• Assessing Your Health/Risk Status
• Setting Smart Health Goals
• Re Prioritizing Life
• Personalized , Friendly & Caring Support
• Motivation to Take THE First Step
• Gentle Timely Reminders to Stay on Healing Path
• Supportive Community

On This Healing Journey..

We are sensitive to your unique needs.

All services are uniquely customized to

• Your Needs,
• Health Goals and
• Readiness for Change.

Change your life – at your own pace.

You are the real expert when it comes to your life.

====================================================== DISCLAIMER:

Lifestyle Change Is NOT a Substitute of Professional Consultation, Prescription, Counseling and Care by Your Physician/Therapist.

Consult Your Personal Physician Before Making Any Lifestyle Changes. ======================================================

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Want To Reverse Heart Disease? Authourity Recommendations, Tools and Resources For Your Transformative Journey..
<P><BR><P> Resolve to change what is adding up to your risk of suffering a heart attack... recommendations, tools and resources that will help you on personal transformation journey..
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Resolve to reverse heart disease Today!
You can! Resolve today to reverse heart disease. Your best chances of refusing a preventable heart attack is by taking charge of your life. Diet, physical exercise, stopping smoking and stress...
Reversing heart disease: Lifestyle for Freedom from Fear of Pending Heart Attack
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Listen to your heart. It can save you from a heart attack
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Natural Cures for Heart Disease: Your Best Option to Prevent Heart Attack
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Blood pressure and heart attack!
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Regular exercise affect heart rate beneficially!
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Stop smoking health benefits are immense – live longer, live healthier!
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