Women and Heart Disease !
Monster Is Finding New Victims!!

Anxiety and Fear

These two emotions are intricately woven with the idea of Women and heart disease. It is a surprise turn of behavior of the dreaded heart disease.

CAD and heart attack – a supposedly male disease

kills more women each year than men. And strange fact is that more than 90% of primary physicians are unaware of the fact.

“I can not believe” you say. “How is it possible that more than 90% of physicians do not know that NOW heart disease does not discriminate between man and woman?”

Simple! They were never taught this fact.

Because facts have changed! And are changing.

Let us face the facts

Women and Heart Disease -
Frightening Facts!

• Heart disease is under-detected in women, particularly in younger females. Existing heart disease is undiagnosed in up to 50% of women who lend up with heart attack.

Experts estimate that one in two women will die of heart attack or stroke.

• Most primary physicians don’t appreciate special female vulnerability for heart disease.

Women are more likely to die within a year of having a heart attack.

• Chest pain - the classical text book description of heart attack is missing in significant number of women with heart attack. And most doctors don’t appreciate it.

Undue fatigue and sleep disturbance are common warning symptoms of the impending heart attack in women. These symptoms can be severe and may present every day or several days a week for one month or more prior to the heart attack.

Other important warning symptoms of heart attack in women are anxiety, breathing difficulty and disturbed digestion.

You may like to see what World Health Organization has to say about Women and Heart Disease in this graphical link.

Stark facts!

What They are NOT Telling You about
Women and Heart Attack

Most authorities seem to confine themselves to describing of yet un-concluded statistical facts about women and heart disease. No one is asking the question – Why?

Why suddenly coronary artery disease has chosen women as their victims? What has changed? What has brought about this new equation between women and heart disease?

They still carry the same chromosome. A genetic factor is out of question.

What then might be contributing to CAD’s wooing of women? Do they have a worse family history of heart disease than their previous generations?

Or, sometime in the recent past women had stepped in men’s shoes and now they are feeling the same pinch men had been feeling? Have they chosen a unhealthy role model? Is it the link between women and heart disease?

Well, for a moment - as we look into historical facts - treat it as a working hypothesis.

Mystery of Heart Attack in Women -
Food for Thought

Some Thoughts for meditation:

• Coronary artery hardness and blockages don’t appear overnight. They might take 20 - 25 years or longer to evolve in a natural system.

• 1960 was the year of women liberation! (Feminism movement). I wonder – did feminism not take a path of competing with men?

This liberation movement was inivitable ...but ... what if …..in the process of liberation, the chosen tools of transformation became the seeds of heart disease.

The traits from Mars (men) were followed and as a consequence, Venus (women) sacrificed some of her suppleness, elasticity, intuition, gratitude, and empathy of pre-60 era!

Hardness was acquired to compete with the metallic, go-getter, ruthless competitor. And this Attitudinal Engineering began the countdown for hardening arteries - the cause Women and Heart Disease.

• Count 20-30 years forward from the Liberation declaration. Is it not the right time that the fruit of ‘hardened attitude’ is getting matured?

And because this seeding was in the alien soil (Mars seeds in the Venus soil) – the fruit has a slightly different flavor and taste. I mean this may be responsible for a different symptoms and presentation of heart disease in women.

• Hard Martians (of course simile for MAN - the warrior) suffering from severe refractory coronary artery symptoms feel tremendous relief from agonizing pains when they learn and practice historical soft ‘Venus’ skills like ---- non-competing, letting go of pent up resentment, forgiving, loving and empathetic communication.

There are evidences of disease reversal and improvement in quality of life when these skills were accompanied with changes in diet and physical activity. Of course the male habit of smoking was a critical element.

Rediscover Intuition to
Reverse Your Heart Disease

Science counts what is countable and discounts what can not be counted! And so, the matters like life balance, peace and love, prayer and gratitude are conveniently ignored from scholarly recommendations of American Heart Association and likes. They are simply not recognized as worthy of serious research as a cause of disease and healing. So you will not find references to these ‘soft’ recommendations there.

But if you enhance the scope of your search – there is no dearth of evidence that these soft traits can save your life. Can add years to your life and life to your years.

I strongly urge you - if you are diagnosed with a heart disease – bring back the balance in your life, become aware of the innate intelligence you were born with – communicate with it – take your guidance from it – and trust it ….

YOU Can Heal Your Life!

Right diet, right exercise, stopping smoking, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and waistline will follow effortlessly!

Don’t believe me. Believe your instincts. Your intuition.

Women and heart disease is a metaphor for the-planet-in-crisis.

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