Listen to Your Heart
It Has Healing Message for You!

Listen to your heart! … or .. if you prefer call it your ...gut.

It is your connection with life-intelligence.

It is not, what you know in your head. This wizard lives in your body at a level where the conscious and subconscious meet.

Conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg. ‘Main body’ of your vast knowledge-resource lies submerged in the subconscious. You can tap this wisdom of your intuition.

Do NOT ignore to listen to your heart!

All other life forms have access to it. Right from the smallest viruses and bacteria to mountain gorillas. They all survive with their instincts. Because, this gut sense connects them with the large repertoire of life itself. Be receptive to this wisdom.. by listening to your heart.

Best human brains work for years in the best equipped laboratories to create a magic molecule - the latest antibiotic - to kill those microscopic ‘enemies’ – bacteria and viruses. But curiously, those ‘illiterate’ tiny particles of life don’t take very long to find their way out. In scientific language - bacterias develop resistance to antibiotic.

How? .....It is not ‘brain’. They don’t have it. It is the wisdom of life – the survival instinct. That is inbuilt in the smallest unit alive. Do you think that you don’t have it? Do you think that this ‘survival-mechanism’ no more exists in human being and it was lost during evolutionary process?

Why Listening To Your Heart
Is a Forgotten Art?

Since childhood we are trained to develop the brain and logic.

As a child you knew your gut presence. It was normal. With all children it is normal. And, they act from their gut. They can sense their body form inside.

But the horrors of.. ‘mind’ at the cost of ‘body wisdom’ results in neglect of this jewel.

Everyday, in many ways - you do connect with this ‘inner guide’, but, you are hardly aware of this. I will show you in a minute.

What Does Your Gut Know?

Ever felt that you are forgetting something?

Everyone has experienced this several times.

What happens when you feel that you are forgetting something? You have a vague sense of uneasiness somewhere in your chest, pit of stomach or in your belly. Is it not?

This uneasiness drives you to find out what is amiss. How?

You try.. !!

Oh, what is it? Is it ‘this’? ..NO!

Is it ‘that’? ..NO!

Is it 'that'? ..NOOOOO!

Not knowing… Your mind is asking. Your body replies in a NO. Because it knows what you are forgetting. So, that uneasiness keeps on driving you to supply ..more options. And the moment your mind comes up with the right answer…


Yessss !!!

This YES comes in a snap. And, you know that this is the right yes. Because, you always knew it 'somewhere'.

That uneasiness wanted to communicate this to you. The moment you provided the right word - it said yes. And, the uneasiness vanishes swiftly.

When It Resonates...
..It Shifts

You feel light and relieved because you got the RIGHT SIGNAL from your body. And with this, your whole body changes. Might be, you take a big sigh of relief or.. your chest opens up and you take a deep breath. Your voice changes. And, your body chemistry transforms from that of stress to that of joy and relief.

That uneasiness knew what it is not and what it is!

When your mind was struggling to find the right answer your body responded to it with inner intelligence that knows more than your mind. And this applies to every situation and event of your life.

Even now.. you are reading it.. your body has an intricate sense about whole of IT.

It has a whole sense of how the day went by. It has full meaning and intricate sense of what happened last week in the office or 20 years ago in your interaction with your parents or your school buddy. Your body knows it all. And that all is stored in muscles of your body

Not as fragments of memories but
the holistic - whole-istic- sense of the incident.

Not only it knows about the problem, it also knows about the implicit.. the implied meaning of whole unfolding of the present moment in future

...possibilities.. and best response in the given situation.

If you ever need to know about the deeper sense of what is --- just ask.. and ..listen to your heart.

When faced with a crisis - you don’t think logically. Your instinctive, intuitive sense responds.

And more often than not, this is just the right response. Lightly, we call it ‘presence of mind’. In fact it is the mind of your body – not the gray cells at top of your head... here, you do not listen to your mind ..but you listen to your heart ..your gut.. the somatic mind.

Your body knows all your life situations and the best way to solve those problems.

If you work with IT you are in flow.

What this vague body sense has to do with
Reversing Heart Disease?

Heart disease and blocked coronary arteries are result of long time of mal-adaptation. Feeding your body with wrong kind of food and feelings, not moving the body to keep it fit-and-tuned causes heart disease and many other life-crippling diseases.

Many lifestyle related risk factors of heart attack are firmly established by science - over and over again.

To correct the disease you need to treat your body with respect. With sensitivity to its organic, biologic, evolutionary planned needs.

Human body machine is made to run on vegetarian fuel. It is supposed to remain physically active on its two powerful legs.

To reverse heart disease you will need to intelligently transform your eating, drinking and smoking habits. Your physical activity. You will need to be in tune with nature. A less complicated life on mental and emotional plane.

In fact, your body (from inside) is crying for your right-kind-of-attention.

But the problem is that most of us face a resistance, especially when we are confronted with a possibility of change in our personal habits and family traditions.

We feel more comfortable and cling to familiar, long held habits. To embrace change you will need to befriend your gut sense, the inner resistance. You will need to listen to your heart.

You can not win fighting against yourself.

Some people can listen to this voice easily and with little effort can make the desired changes to heal their life.

If you are one of those – can easily listen to your heart voice - congratulations.

Just find the scientifically verified information - -for reversing your coronaries blocks and transform your life. And enjoy the healing benefits that go far beyond simply opening up of blocked coronary arteries.

Listening to Your Heart Is A Skill -
Everybody Can Learn It!
Yes, You Too...

If you are one like most of us who struggle with making life changes. If you find it difficult to listen to your heart, your gut - you must have realized that information alone is not enough to make the transformation.

If you use your will power to achieve your health goals or other significant life goals.. and.. find yourself stuck with beginning or soon returning to old familiar habits.. you know need more than will power and resolutions.

How many times you have tried this diet and that diet - but you just could not sustain those changes.

How many times you thought of beginning some physical exercise but you simply could not begin it. Or if you started you could not continue with it for long.

How many times you tried to stop smoking but alas… resolution don’t work like this for most of us.

How many times you wanted to make peace with your spouse or your parents or your children.. but..

..some thing from within sabotaged your good intentions.

How many times you thought of living your dream but you could not muster the courage.


Were you listening to your heart?

Acknowledge Its Presence
Move Down From Your Head And...
..Listen to Your Heart

That small voice of your heart .. your gut..knows about why you are eating those French fries and burgers, why you are lazing in front of your computer or TV and not going out to physically engage your body, why you are smoking knowing pretty well that this is killing you every minute, why you are trapped in your ego shell while you are yearning to find love…?

It knows all. Answers to all the whys? It is not some nonsense-body-sense. This sense is loaded with meaning.

Only if you care..

Turn your attention inside …down in your throat, chest and your belly. And sense that vague feeling there about 'the issue'.

When you do so.. it communicates to you the meaning just like it communicated to you while you were checking with it your options of what you have forgotten. It is unmoved as long as you don’t provide it with the right option. And the moment the right option reaches it.. it moves, it shifts. Uneasiness changes in a sense of relief.

It is helpful if you realize that its language is not verbal – English, French or German. It speaks to you with the language of nature – of river, of wind and fire. And you know - you can recognize it. Just like you recognized uneasiness changing in that free flowing relief.

For very long you did not acknowledge this little voice. It might be feeling like an abandoned child. Shriveled up and shy.

When you approach it inside your body, let it feel welcome. Listen to it with love. Trust it. Pay your gratitude. And promise to return.

Return to it often. You will be able to find IT more and more easily. As if it is eager to reach you. Initially, when you ask it a question, you may have to be patient for this vague body sense to appear and show up.

Listen to your heart. It will make your healing journey easier and more meaningful.

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