Heart Attack Surgery!
Can You Survive Without IT?

heart attack strikes without warning - with a very high rate of sudden death.

So, in a way you are lucky if angina warns you before that fatal heart attack!

You get a chance to do something about it.

What will you chose then?

Another angioplasty cleaning of re-blocked arteries, a better, newer stent, more bypass grafts? Difficult choice! Eh?

Do not be surprised!

This is proven scientifically that even advanced coronary artery blocks are reversed if you make important life style changes. This approach is found as safer and durable - let us not talk about financial benefits - alternative to surgical interventions in most patients.

Yes, there are times when heart attack surgery becomes essential. It can save your life if

• You suffer a massive heart attack and your life is in danger.

• You are unwilling to modify your risky life style inspite of having advanced coronary artery disease.

But, even after a bypass surgery or angioplasty - if you don't intend to experience the thrill of suffering another heart attack followed by a heart attack surgery,in the near future - you must mend those ways that added to blocks in your heart arteries.

Let us find some inspiration in what Einstein said about - expecting different results doing the same action?

That is INSANITY!!

So, dear friend... discover your Sanity. Find the right priorities in your life.

Do NOT Panic. .. . ... See what you CAN DO to make the difference .... and Just Do It.

If your condition calls for - you must go for the heart surgery… BUT .... don't absolutely rely on this. You need to do something else… as well......

Something else that is ridiculously simple!

In fact, truth is always this simple

• Drop that cigarette if you are still smoking

• Change to a very low fat wholesome diet.

• Begin with some walking every day .. gradually build up the time and speed,

• Learn meditation and relax your body mind – even if for 10-15 minutes a day.

• Take your attention inside your body and visualize your arteries opening and your heart receiving sufficient blood.

• Learn to talk to your body. Listen to it. And trust it. It will never misguide you.

• And simplify your Life!!

And, did I tell you to continue with your medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes? Please don’t forget your medication. With time, hopefully, your dependence on medication will also reduce.

Feeling skeptical? Don’t.

Study after study has proved reversal of blockages with this prescription. It is a better alternative of heart surgery … if … you have not run out of time.

And, one more secret ..... this alternative of heart surgery works better if you approach it with love. Don’t fear..

... With love do what you must.

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