Goodbye! Coronary Heart Disease!

Coronary Heart Disease (synonym coronary artery disease ) made a retreat when I decided to bid it a farewell!

In a few minutes, you are going to learn what I discovered about taming my protesting heart.

Just imagine tantrums of a child who wants your attention because he is feeling ignored.

I realized my heart was feeling and behaving like a child who feel ignored. And, to-get-my-attention-it-does-anything.

I realized the urgency of authentic, focused and sincere communication with this child – my protesting heart.

Heck! I didn’t know how to listen to my 10 year old … let alone communicating with this wild heart on a suicide mission!

Clearly I was in for a twin learning ….

One ….. learning to communicate with my inner self. I indulge in behavior that threaten my existence. I want to change those. Rather, I struggle to change those. Obviously, there is a part within me that I don't understand. This communication is supposed to address that not-understood part of self.

Two …. learning to communicate with my outer world – including my 10 year old, of course.

Let me confess…

There was a massive inner resistance, skepticism, questions and self-doubt to follow this path in the beginning.

One… it felt so mysterious – smacking almost of occult.

Two… I feared appearing like a fool. A physician is learning to talk to his heart rather than running for an angiogram or possible angioplasty!!

Gosh! I felt like an ultimate stupid.


And I reasoned with myself.

“Boy! It is an open-minded exploration of an alternative approach. If it does not work I can always go back for a heart surgery!!”

Thanks God!
Healthy Life Style
Reversed my Coronary Heart Disease

I whole-heart-edly committed myself to my new –
heart-healthy – lifestyle. I didn’t want to live for ever in fear of suddenly dying of a ‘heart attack.

Right diet, physical activity, no smoking, handling stress in a different way. Yes, all this.. but, the most vitalthe heart of this change – was the communication that I was having with my inner-healer. Inner guidance helped me to fine tune ‘authority recommendations’ to suit my self.

I faltered, slipped back to old habits also. But the inner voice became loud enough to be heard. Life had found a new meaning. Now it was not just to defeat coronary heart disease and keep heart attack at a safe distance.

Life was a celebration. I was able to connect with long forgotten song of the heart. It was like having an inner compass that brings you back on the path when you are lost in uncharted waters.

But, I religiously popped my handful of pills - initially. After all I was not that big a fool! Ha Ha.

I think, it was around 6 months later that last vestige (pill popping) of my sickness was dropped. My open-minded experimentation was working extremely well with me.

I never needed that dreaded surgery to remain free of heart trouble.

And it has been 10 years now. Trust me, today I feel Younger than before! Not only the blocks of coronary heart disease are healed, I found the way to live a life of my dreams. Trust Me.This approach is the best anti-aging prescription. Take this testimonial from this converted physician.

In retrospect this ‘communication’ thing became my savior.

The Tao of Healing.

Later, I devised a little formula to smoothly communicate the Tao with so many clients in my humble practice.

Yes, this 4-step formula is the whole secret of my healing.

And I have seen its magic in my practice. It simply does wonders in anyone's life who has the courage, flexibility and a spirit of adventure to follow this unconventional path. True, it demands the courage and trust to listen to the abandoned inner-healer.

If you are not afraid of what-is-already-a-part-of-you, this small gift is going to change your life. But, you must use it. Knowing, alone, does not work.

IT is not a substitute of your physician, prescriptions, life style recommendations of diets and workouts or supplements.

You must use all possible resources if your situation calls for this. But, rest assured, if you listen and trust your inner guide, your dependence on 'specialists' will decrease. And, your body will respond better without rebellion (side-effects) to any medical-intervention. You are the Healer!

Oh, I am going ahead of myself. The point is to share that
simple secret formula of my healing.

Here is the little 4 step secret

A.C.T. and Heal.

A is for becoming AWARE of this Inner Guidance and ACKNOWLEDGING its presence.

C is the Compassionate COMMUNICATION with Your Own Body Intelligence

T is all about TRUSTING what you learn from this Inner Guide.

And HEALING comes in following the path shown by This Intelligence.

Don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity. This little secret CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

Are you ready to learn and practice this little secret?

Take the first step. Listen to Your Heart.

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