What Stops You From Living
Healthy Lifestyle?

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If you were looking for information about living healthy lifestyle you already know that living a healthy lifestyle can save you from many serious health problems including preventing a heart attack, a stroke and many kind of cancers.

Besides obvious health benefits – living a healthy lifestyle empowers you to live a happy, fulfilling and abundant life.

It is a tragedy not knowing how to live intelligently from an inner source of wisdom that offers everything that matters in life… health, wealth and happiness.

All other forms of life – plants and animals – seem to know what is natural and right for them. They have no problem living out what is a healthy lifestyle for them. It comes to them naturally.

This inner source of life-intelligence should be natural to us also. But apparently it seems a lost territory to our species.

We are always looking for specialists and authorities to tell us what is right for us! What should we eat and drink, how should we move and exercise, how we should live in relationships to experience love, peace and harmony in our lives!!

The moment you look forward to an authority for recommendations for living healthy lifestyle – you are refusing to acknowledge that inner source of living intelligence within you.

With so many experts, authors and websites full of 100 tips for healthy living and lifestyle, the world must be an oasis of health, harmony and happiness. Why then, we have reached a point in history where preventable causes have become number one cause of death and suffering?

Preventable Epidemic of Heart Attacks/Heart Disease, High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Obesity!!!

Millions are already dead from what living a healthy lifestyle could have prevented. Billions more will die because they are confused and paralyzed by conflicting scientific messages and recommendations. They have become cynical and don’t know what to believe anymore.

We are facing this health crisis because as a species we have lost trust in our own intelligence to lead our life with wisdom. Instead, we are always looking towards some authority to guide us and take us by hand. The authority of parents, teachers, society, politicians and scientists.

Reliance on this external authority distracts you and you never look at the right place. You never look within yourself where you will find the best tips for living healthy lifestyle.

This inner guidance for healthy living is uniquely customized for your needs and temperament. If you listen to this source of healthy living wisdom – you are more likely to live that also.

Just knowing - plain information - is not enough. Saying ‘water, water’ will not quench your thirst. You need to drink the water to feel fulfilled.

Same way, just knowing what specialists think is right is not going to make any difference to your life. Unless you feel that what they say – the authority recommendation – resonates well with you, it is not going to make any difference. Suddenly you find mobilized into an action that can surprise even your intellectual side.

Best Tips for Living a
Healthy Lifestyle - comes from within

Best tips for living a healthy lifestyle will come from inside. That is the compass that will keep you going in the direction of health and happiness – if you care enough to listen to it.

If you really want to use the comprehensive information that you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle – begin with listening to your heart.

It knows much much more than your mind knows. It is a wholesome knowing-ness of your body. Diet, safe exercise, losing weight, low cholesterol diet, stress management, yoga and meditation – all will fall in place once you are tuned into this wizard of living healthy lifestyle.

Begin now and listen to your heart .

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