Top 10 tips for healthy living..
Make These Your Own!!

Here, find the 10 tips for healthy living. These are fundamental guidelines for healthy and happy life.

You, really, don't need 100 tips for healthy living..

..Too many tips become the cause of confusion.

'Own' these tips as your own realization. See the truth in them. And if you find them true.. accept them.

Miracle is in acting out your truth. Live these 10 tips of healthy living for a wholesome (holistic) health.

Living these powerful holistic living guidelines..

...You can save yourself from most of modern lifestyle dependent diseases like heart attack and its various risk factors. High blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes and obesity are the risk factors for coronary heart disease and heart attack

 – the number 1 killer on the planet.

Stress is the mother of most modern lifestyle dependent diseases. Healthful lifestyle saves you not only from all these life threatening, limiting and bank account burning diseases – it gives you a life of perfect health, happiness and abundance. True wholesome – holistic – life.

Don’t worry about doing everything at once. No need to overwhelm yourself. Begin with any of these 10 tips for healthy living.

Take Responsibility For Your Life:

You are not a victim.

Even after unchangeable facts like family history, your genes, your past and physical challenges – remember your potential of changing your future by living this moment differently. You can make a difference by making a different choice about simple things in your life.

Only you can do it. Decide to make healthy choices.

Without consciously becoming responsible for your choices and actions - it is impossible to use any of 10 tips for healthy living

Healing Personal Change

begins with the right attitude

Embrace Change:

You can reach a new destination by travelling on a new road. Old roads go to old destinations.

Be ready to accept and make changes. Change that is wholesome and transforms your whole life. All changes begin in the mind before it becomes a reality. Open your mind and your heart – invite healthy change. Embrace healthy change. Break through all mental barriers now. Mark this point as critical of 10 tips for healthy living.

Set Life-Priorities Right!

Ensure that your priorities help you to enjoy all good things in life including health, good relationship and abundance. It will be a big let down if at the end of struggleful-journey, you find that your ladder of success was leaning against the wrong wall!

Manage your time and energy with wisdom.

If this is an important area for you - focus on this before you go further ahead with other 10 tips for healthy living.

 Just Do It!

Once you have the insight into what is right for you – don’t wait. Just do it!

There is no better time than this moment. In fact, there is no other time but.. the present moment.

Whenever you go out for a healthful walk - or - say no to cholesterol-fat laden junk food - or - find 10 minutes of silence and stretching - or - open your heart to a friend, a parent or a child – you will be doing it in that ‘present moment’.

It is just a matter of saying yes to healthy choice NOW.

Just do it!

And when you do it, your inner intelligence may reveal some very personal insight that may not have been covered in these 10 tips for healthy living.

Eat to Live:

Probably one of the crucial tangible change you will ever make for a better health – it will be a wholesome healthy food. By choosing your food with care you can prevent majority of modern diseases like heart attack / coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, obesity, many types of cancers and most autoimmune diseases.

Go for low-fat, high-fiber vegetarian naturally whole food. Avoid refined sugars, table salt and fast food. Eat lots of fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes. Little amount of dates and nuts are good if you are not overweight and not having extra triglycerides and other fats.

Simply, turning vegetarian is a major healthy change. That is the natural food for us. We are made to be vegetarian.

Eat only when you are hungry. Give sufficient time for previous meal to digest before taking your next bite.

Find some other way to sooth your emotions. Please don't eat to feel 'emotionally' good. Eat only when you are hungry.

Even if you remember only this of all the 10 tips for healthy living - you are on your way to a great physical health.

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