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Tips for Healthy Living is continuation of what we began in another page of this website. You may like to go to 10 Tips for Healthy Living now  or after reading this page. There we talked about taking charge of your life and embracing good change.

Shake Your Feet:

Your leg muscles are so powerful that nature made them as secondary pump in support of your heart.

When you exercise regularly, your heart breaths much easier and longer. You take off lots of burden from your heart by walking, cycling, swimming or other ways of aerobic exercising.

Begin today. Enjoy the movement. Enjoy the newly found confidence and increasing grace of a better posture. Celebrate renewing yourself by not resisting life’s dance. Shake your feet.

Cat Stretch Just Like Cats Stretch:

All animals have this inbuilt intelligence to renew their life energy and align the body parts by stretching. Cats stretch. Dogs also stretch. You can also stretch like those biologically intelligent animals.This one of 10 tips for healthy living is to awaken your intuitive biological 'balance making organ'.

Yoga, the science and art of longevity, was discovered and developed thousands of years before. Yogic postures are developed by inspiration from different animals and their poses. Yogic poses are named after those animals.You need not become a hermit to take advantage of this ancient science.

Start cat stretching intuitively or find a resource – a yoga teacher, a yoga cd or dvd - to begin with few yogic postures. Gradually build on your yogic intitiative.

Reclaim Your Power – Breathe Mindfully!

You are conditioned to believe that if anything goes wrong with your body - you must run to an specialist because .... you don't have a control of your body. Most of your body-mind functions are classified in biology and medical books as in-voluntary actions. Much of the life-body control, you can claim back. And you can begin it with your breath.

If you are like most of others, you breath without its awareness. Habitually you breath quite shallow and fast. If your breath becomes deeper and slower - you can be sure of adding many more quality years to your life.

Breath is one such functions that you can win with some commitment. Beginning with your breath, you can have increasing control over your pulse rate, blood pressure and metabolic rate.

Without any desire to change it, just become aware of your in-breath and out-breath. As it enters your nostril and goes down, become aware how your body - chest, shoulders, abdomen and back contribute to this critical life sustaining process.

Awareness is the first step. First become aware of the act. The strangest fact is that with the awareness of what is not right - what is not right, drops away. And, what comes in its place is that what is just right.

Without control. Without exerting will.

Try it.

Find a yoga teacher to learn yoga postures, pranayam (yogic breathing) and meditation. Biggest health return on your time investment will come from this activity.

This is one of my favorite of 10 tips for healthy living. Click here for more details 

Stop Smoking:

The best known preventable cause of death. If you are serious about your health – drop this fool-stick today.

Listen to your heart what you need to do to do this. Recall times when you walked out of dependence-of-some-relationship – and once again – say your goodbye to your long time ‘friend’ – the cigarette.

Take professional help if you feel alone and struggling. Nicotine patches, sprays and gums are available to help you quit smoking. Again you are the master of your life. Listen to your gut, your heart. You will find help while making difficult decisions in life.

Of all 10 tips for health living - this is the most powerful 'negative' tip. For more details click here .

Listen to Your Heart:

There is lot of intelligence in your body which you, probably, are unaware of. It is not available to your logical mind. This is the prerogative of biological body. Just like all plants, bacterias, viruses and animals you also have that survival code built in. Just need to access it and listen to it. You can begin it here .

Let us hope that you found something useful in these 10 tips for healthy living. You don’t need to begin with all 10 tips of healthy living and lifestyle at once. Begin intuitively and keep on increasing your healthy living repertoire.

Just let us know which of these 10 tips of healthy living is your favorite one. You can use the ‘Contact Us’ page on left sided button bar for your feedback, suggestions or questions.

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Wishing you a healthy and happy living.

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