Total Life Style Prescription to
Reverse Heart Disease

In your hands is scientifically proven prescription to reverse heart disease. Good news is you need not go out to fill this prescription month after month at your pharmacy. All it needs is some inner work.

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Find the motivation to live a healthy long life. Consult your physician about making these lifestyle changes. And begin.

Cheer up. It need not be a struggle. Just a little push to begin.

Once you begin...

...with this comprehensive prescription to reverse heart disease the rewards are quick and profound in most cases. You can expect:

Coronary heart disease symptoms – like having chest discomfort or pain on exertion, becoming short of breath, undue tiredness -
very quickly diminish or disappear. In most cases where comprehensive changes are made – within 6 – 12 weeks most symptoms diminish or disappear.

• Exercise tolerance increases pretty quickly.
Expect to walk longer and faster without getting tired.

• Keep in touch with your physician regularly. Don’t be surprised if your dependence on medication decreases drastically. Remember to give credit to your physician’s good care and prescription. He will be happy to
cut your medication when you are making progress.

• Your blocks are likely to open up, blood pressure and cholesterol are expected to move within normal healthy range. You can expect to
lose risky extra pounds pretty quickly.

• Your energy level will soar. It will go up. You will be breathing better. More flexible and agile.

• Celebrate in anticipation - child-like-innocent and carefree sleep.

Living this prescription To
Reverse Heart Disease...

..brings deeper and more meaningful benefits beside these obvious changes on the body level:

• More clarity in thinking and better focus.

• You will feel Relaxed and in-control.

• Openness in attitude, able to connect better with others at work place and home.

• Positive change in relationship dynamics.

• Improved ability to handle conflicts and stress.

I have saved the most important ones for the end

• Newly found ability to listen to your inner voice that is the best guidance you can ever get. If for no other reason, I would love to celebrate my new lifestyle for this gift.

Unburden yourself of deadly load of past hurts, guilt and resentment.

• Becoming more intuitive.

• Finding prayer and gratitude in life.

Lifestyle Approach To Healing Heart Vs
Conventional Medical and Surgical Intervention

Prescription to reverse heart disease has been proved repeatedly scientifically. Though results vary from person to person but statistically outcome is better than medical and surgical intervention. Major advantages over conventional medical and surgical approach are:

• By staying with this prescription to reverse heart disease – with passing time expect increasing improvement in symptoms and overall quality of life. In comparison after bypass surgery or angioplasty blocks reappear rather quickly.

• You pass on your success story to your family and friends. Your empowerment empowers your whole circle. A surgical intervention adds a bad family history to your children’s health record.

• You are guided by joy of living. The conventional treatment fills you with a fear mentality. Not only you but all family members and well wishers are infected with this anxiety and terror.

It does not cost you a penny. I don’t want to scare you by a comparison with the cost of life time medication and surgery.

By no means am I suggesting you to abandon the conventional health care. Please consult your physician before making any lifestyle changes which I am going to share with you in a minute. It is not a substitute of your physician’s advice and prescription. Religiously take the medication prescribed for your condition.

It is just so - that - most of those who take charge of their lives and make intelligent personal lifestyle changes – their dependence on medication decreases. They become healthier. They are able to do better even without surgery.

But in case if it is indicated – you should listen to your physician. But please don’t ignore your own inner voice. Listen to your own heart.

Longest Journey Begins With
The First Step

It is not an all or none equation. Depending upon your health goals and readiness of change begin today.

Understand this psychology of change. There is no tomorrow when it is about making inner changes in your life.

TODAY Choose your direction – the healing direction. Take the First Step today.

Any change is better then no change. You have made the beginning. You can build upon that.

First step is often the critical step. Take that first step now. Choose from the list below the area that intuitively attracts you. The information with some very handy practical tips will open in a new window.

I strongly urge you to take along simple action steps where you find an invitation. Information alone is barren. You need to act upon that information.

To make your first step easier and fun – accept the invitation where I ask you to take a deep breath or to close your eyes and imagine yourself relaxing on your favorite beach or.. a similar simple suggestion. You will be giving live empowering suggestions to your subconscious. I hope you will find this journey joyful.

So here are the ingredients of this prescription to reverse heart disease:

Right Attitude

Breath of Life
Yoga for Heart
20 Minutes of Celebration - Exercise is easier than you thought

Heart Healthy Diet
Living Smoke Free

Let Stress be Your Guide
Communication - Find Fulfillment in Relationships
Finding the Inner Voice
Tapping Subconscious Blocks

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