Find The Right Attitude For Making
Healing Personal Change

Healing personal change begins with the right attitude.

An attitude of self-doubt, thoughts of failure and worthlessness of trying a new approach is like self-fulfilling prophecy. Negative thinking and pessimism do not facilitate a personal change that can heal your life – health and happiness.

Openness of Mind and Heart

Be Open in Mind and Spirit. See the potential of self healing of your body and mind.

Trust of self healing potential and your ability to make the right change - opens the door of a wonderful healing journey.

When you trust that inner small voice within you – you are connecting with the most trustworthy healing expert to help you reverse your heart disease and its risk factors.

Positive Thinking and More..

It is intelligence to accept and acknowledge the facts. You can not wish them away.

If you are diagnosed with coronary artery disease – blocks in single, two or all three coronary arteries – you can not wish them away by imagination or just plain positive thinking.

If you have other risk factors of heart disease – for example, high blood pressure or cholesterol numbers, diabetes with its complications, if you are overweight/obese of if you smoke or if you are suffering form relationship or work stress – you can not wish them away by affirmations and positive thinking alone.

You need to take right change steps to let healing happen naturally in your life too.

You will need to change your dietary habits and become more physically active. You will need to quit smoking and manage stress at work and make relationship more loving and fruitful.

You will do something new so that something new happens.

Old roads go to same old destinations.

If you have some new destination in mind, try a new path..

Embrace Intelligent Change!

You are lucky. So many people have gone before you on this journey of healing personal change - and they have left behind valuable treasures for you - their experiences.

Listen to well-meaning voice that wakes you up and take charge of your life. And trust this voice. Healing personal change is about the body-mind prescription that you can find here at this link .

The prescription is like the road map that you must use during your healing journey. Or, you can use different points on this prescription as a check list to not to leave any thing on your critical mission of making healing personal change.

Your journey will become much easier and more interesting if you..

Start Listening To Your Heart

This is the TAO of healing your life. Not only health, your body - call it gut feeling or your heart - knows about total history and geography of your life. If you turn your attention inside - downwards in your body - and ask your mind to be silent for a while as you pay attention to a 'small voice'.

This is the emotionally intelligent engine of your life.

Here lies your organic biological holistic intelligence.

Listen to your heart. Make it your ally during your voyage.

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