Life After A Heart Attack Can Be Even Better Than..

listening to your heart .Much changes in life after a heart attack...

First few hours after a heart attack are most crucial, critical when the risk to life is gravest. Getting medical attention at the earliest after a heart attack greatly enhances chances of surviving a heart attack. Rest and clot buster treatment is the backbone of earliest heart attack treatment. So, if you suspect that you are having a heart attack:

Act Without Delay

• Call 911 (or local emergency number in your area) and say “ I am having a heart attack.” Ask someone to drive you to a medical facility.• Chew a tablet of uncoated aspirin.

• Mentally relax and visualize your heart appearing healthy and receiving good blood supply.

First few hours after a heart attack, risk to life is highest and you may need an angioplasty or a bypass surgery to re-establish the blood flow to heart muscles.

As time passes after a heart attack without more complications (most feared complications are arrhythmias of heart) – risk keeps on diminishing.

After few days of recovery in ICCU, you may be shifted to a general ward. This is done if doctors are sure that you are recovering reasonably and the worst is over.

Time to be grateful to life. Life is smiling again for you.

You are on your way to health. Your heart is healing its wounds. You can expect to be discharged soon – likely within a week.

Strike a Balance

At home you need to strike a balance in your desire to be ‘fully independent’ and fearfully refraining from all movements. Gradually build up the physical activity over a period of few weeks. You may like to take help from hospital staff or cardiac rehab team. Listen to your body. Give it time to heal. At the same time – let go of the fear. Strike a balance.Build into your day few minutes of stretching, little walk and meditation.You will need to transform your diet also. Smoking is a big NO.

Let Go Of Fear

Life after a heart attack demands you to be more loving and caring for yourself. It is common to feel depressed during recovery after a heart attack. Terror of another heart attack is common in many. But realize - that - worst is over. You are recovering. Your heart is healing. And if you give good support to your healing heart – the risk of another heart attack will go down with each passing day.

Take Your Own Responsibility

Take the medication prescribed by your physician. Be proactive. Take your own responsibility. Reprioritize your life. Change what must be changed. Change your diet. Resolve to be more physically active within your limits. Stop smoking.But, don’t stop here. There is deeper inner work if you are serious about enjoying your life after a heart attack.

Nature of work, working hours, relaxing breaks, being more assertive at workplace or in interpersonal relationship, letting go of the old resentments, forgiving, reconnecting with old friends and many more avenues are there to fill color in your life after a heart attack.

Find how you can align your life with your inner compass, with your biological radar. And, all this may begin with listening to your heart .

Life can be even better and richer after a heart attack than you ever experienced before.

From life after a heart attack go to refuse a heart attack.