Know 10 Signs of Heart Attack
Early Recognition May Save A Life!

In 10 signs of heart attack you will find common variants of heart attack symptoms.

As a matter of fact,  Heart attack can come without any symptoms at all. So called - Silent Heart Attack, sudden and Massive Heart Attack can kill – and does kill 25% of heart attack victims without any warning.

Or, its symptoms may vary so much that it is incredibly easy to miss a heart attack as something trivial. 10 most common presentations of heart attack will help you to identify and act in time:

1. Heaviness, squeezing, pain or discomfort in chest – especially center or left side of chest.

2. Pain in left arm. Classical heart attack symptoms are recognized as chest pain radiating to left arm.

3. Jaw or tooth pain. Chest discomfort may radiate to jaw.

4. Pain may radiate down in the pit of stomach.

5. Feeling of indigestion or pain in middle of abdomen.

6. Sudden weakness. Unexplained.

7. Profuse perspiration.

8. Shortness of breath.

9. Malaise, ill feeling. Flu like.

10. Feeling of impending doom, fear and anxiety.

As you can see, these heart attack symptoms are so varied and misleading, feel so commonplace and benign that an attack can be missed as something trivial.

Do NOT wait for a heart attack. Heart attack is a terrible and preventable health tragedy - wake up today. Knowing about them is good but don't anticipate any or 10 symptoms of heart attack.

Even advanced coronary artery disease blocks are reversible in most of the cases. You need to resolve to live a healthy life. You may like --Reversing Heart Diseases

You are the captain of your ship. Choose your own destination.

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