Silent Heart Attack Symptoms.
The Silent Killer!!

What happens when someone suffers a silent heart attack?

Silent Heart Attack Symptoms are .. missing. Or .. they are so vague and nondescript, that you are likely to miss them as a bout of indigestion or an impending flu or an anxiety attack.

In many women (Go with this link to Know more about unique relation between women and heart disease) ), diabetics and people over 65 – heart attack is often silent.

Often, the first evidence of having a heart attack is sudden death that comes with silent massive heart attack . Without any warning and … without anytime to act.

In most others, silent heart attack passes away as some minor illness – without arising any suspicion of a heart attack. It is only during a future medical examination, ECG, echo-cardiogram etc, that the evidences of a past attack are found.

A silent heart attack leaves the person with the risk of a bigger assault in the future.

Since there is no awareness of coronary artery blocks, the cause of the heart attack, the person continues with the habitual life style that played a major role in creation of those blocks. Without necessary changes in the life style, the blocks continue to grow and might result in a serious fatal heart attack in the future.

Don't wait for either loud or silent heart attack symptoms.

To reduce the chances of a heart attack, especially in those having one or many risk factors , life style modification is the best way.

It not only saves you from a heart attack but, also, reduces the risk of several other life threatening diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and many types of cancer.

And best of all, you will enjoy a quality of life that you probably can not imagine beforehand. More energy, more enthusiasm, more fulfilling relationship – and – a life free of various conflicts and stresses.

Of course, you must not ignore your symptoms and physician’s advice. But, keep the common sense alive. Don’t ignore your own natural, inborn healing potential. If you have any doubt on this issue, go inside and check with your vital intelligence - the intuition. You will not regret the time you invest with this unconventional wisdom.

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