Heart Attack Early Warning
Signs and Symptoms!!
Are You Getting The Right Message?

Many people - especially women - experience heart attack early warning signs and symptoms for several weeks before they suffer actual heart attack.

This is not the time to panic.

You get the WARNING so that you can do something about it.

And, you can do a lot to prevent a 'pending' heart attack. Otherwise, why - you think - your body is sending you warning signals?

Your body is intelligent and knows if something critical is around the corner. By creating those signs and symptoms body tries to communicate to you some critical message. It is about the urgency to acknowledge the emergency and do the needful.

Heart attack early warning signs do not mean the inevitability of a heart attack. If you get the message in right spirit - your body can still heal itself and reverse the heart disease and its attendant risk of a pending heart attack .

Yes, if everything in your life - your diet, physical activity level, smoking, stress and emotional side - remain the same - hope only for a miracle or a good luck to save you from a heart attack.

What Are The Heart Attack
Early Warning Signs And Symptoms?

For several weeks before actual heart attack - many people -- especially women - experience warning signs and symptoms of a pending heart attack. Most commonly one or more of following symptoms are present...

• Difficulty in Breathing

• Discomfort - sense of pressure, squeezing or heaviness - in chest

• Sudden unexpected fatigue

• Disturbed sleep

• Anxiety or Sense of Impending Doom

• Disturbed Digestion

What Should You Do If You Are Experiencing
One or More of These Heart Attack
Early Warning Signs?

Don't ignore.

Go and see the doctor without delay. If he does not take your symptoms seriously - insist on proper investigations for your heart - that may include an electro-cardiogram (ECG), a stress test, an echo-cardiogram, some blood tests (cardiac enzymes, cholesterol and other lipids and blood sugar) and if needed - a nuclear scan.

Angiography is an invasive test and the procedure carries certain risks. A nuclear scan or a CT Angiography is a safer substitute of an angiogram. But only your doctor will be able to decide of the appropriate choice.

If, upon investigations you are found to be suffering early heart attack warning symptoms and signs - don't panic.

If you are not already in midst of a serious heart attack - chances are that your physician will prescribe you some medicines and advice you to modify your lifestyle to a heart healthy diet, few minutes of aerobic exercise - walking or a similar activity - every day, to stop smoking and to manage your stress by practicing some yoga postures and meditation.

Take heart. This is a pretty powerful prescription to help in reversing your heart disease.

Take Charge of Your Own Life

Identify your heart disease promoting risk factors. Don't be confused by too much technical mumbo-jumbo. In plain terms it boils down to two things - your genes and your lifestyle.

You can not change your genes. But you can definitely change your lifestyle. Comprehensive, intelligent and timely changes in the lifestyle are capable of undoing the harm caused even by your bad genes. You may like to go to this page about heart attack risk factors at this link .

Once, you have identified the risky elements in your living - next step is to change them with heart healthy lifestyle choices. You will find this comprehensive lifestyle prescription valuable - click here for full details .

It is human nature to resist all kind of change - especially when it is a personal change imposed by others - even by doctors.

But change is natural and essential for life. All your life you have made many many changes in your personal choices. This time also you will be able to do it.

Don't make an issue of this. Don't label it as difficult or easy. Just do it.

In fact, if you learn to listen to your heart.. your heart getting unblocked will become easy and a life transforming journey. Your heart has lot of healing wisdom. Listen to your heart .

Heart Attack early warning signs and symptoms can become the turning point in your life. Welcome change. Embrace it. You are knocking at the door of true health and happiness.

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