Pending Heart Attack Is...
A Self Fulfilling Prophecy!
Intentions are Powerful.
Intend to Reverse Heart Disease and Prevent a Heart Attack!!

Yes, you can indeed prevent a pending heart attack.

If you think, feel or fear that a heart attack is impending sometime soon – have heart. By the time you reach end of this page you will understand why it is dangerous to think that a heart attack is pending and what you must think instead. You will also know what you need to do to live without fearing 24X7 having a heart attack.

Chances are that you have one or the other following experience behind your fear of a pending heart attack..

• You suffered a heart attack in the past. Underwent an angioplasty or a bypass surgery and came to know that these surgeries don’t last and can not prevent a heart attack in the future.

• In a routine examination it was diagnosed that you suffered
a silent heart attack in the past and you are afraid of another heart attack that may or may not be silent.

• You have one or more of the risk factors of heart attack . You are obese/overweight, diabetic, have high blood pressure, found to have high cholesterol or you are smoking.

• You suffered a terrible experience which you thought was a heart attack but doctor diagnosed that as a panic attack or early warning signs of a heart attack .

• Some friend, acquaintance or a family member suffered a heart attack and that memory is haunting you.

When you are compulsively thinking of a pending heart attack - you are psyched to behave in self destructive way. You keep on living the way you have been living - the way that is responsible for your higher, accelerated risk of suffering a heart attack. This way you are inviting the worst. Your fear acts as a magnet and you attract what you are afraid of. This is the law of attraction. This is the power of your mind.

And, you can focus your magnet to attract a healthy way of living. You can think of having a healthy heart-attack-proof life - and you will be motivated to find and live the way that can help you prevent a heart attack.

Know that behind a heart attack there are some simple things in your lifestyle you can change. Even if you decide to change them when your heart disease is pretty advanced - yet a step short of a heart attack – you have started reversing your heart disease.

Heart disease and coronary blocks are not a one way affair. It is a fluid and live process in your body that can move either way depending on the circumstances. If you create favorable circumstances the coronary blocks will start reducing. One percent reduction in the size of that plaque makes for 4% increase in blood supply to your heart muscle. You continue living in your newly found heart healthy way and lo, you are changing your destiny.

No more, you need to fear that pending heart attack. Begin to prepare celebration of true freedom. Freedom to live with wisdom. Freedom from the prison of destructive lifestyle.

Listen to your heart – that is the compass which will keep you on the right track in spite of the inner resistance - that loud voice of prosecutor attorney in your head.

And here is the map of your destination. Click here to find comprehensive life style prescription to reverse heart disease.

Refuse to suffer a pending heart attack forever.

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