Truth of Heart Attack Preventions?

You CAN Prevent Heart Attack By
Reversing Heart Attack Risk Factors!!

Heart Attack Preventions and Reversing Heart Disease
are not only romantic concepts. They are scientifically proven, over and over again. Healing your heart is a true and realistic possibility.

Coronary heart disease is a lifestyle related multi-factorial, mal-adaptation disorder. In plain language, there are several factors in our lifestyle that are out of tune of our evolutionary survival plan.

Many heart attack risk factors have been established by medical research. These behavioral risk factors include the choice of diet, physical activity, smoking, stress and personality type. High blood pressure, high serum cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes and obesity are other major risk factors . But they are, again, largely influenced by the choices you make about your living and lifestyle.

Genes play a role…

…But it is a minor role. And - it is not an indelible mark on the stone - an irreversible thing. It is only propaganda that makes you think that your bad genes are your destiny. Oh no, don't be in a victim mentality. Genes are not a finished story. Genes are not a pool of dead chemicals. Your genes are alive, intelligent and responsive.

Your GENES respond to your outer and inner environment. You can influence your genes. By making the right kind of changes in your living choices ---
you can change even your genes. And, you can change the genes for your children and their children.

Food for Heart Attack Preventions

Our bodies are made to run on vegetarian fuel (food). Animal food does not align with this evolutionary requirement. Consuming animal food - meat, dairy and poultry - puts us at greater risk of not only heart disease and heart attack, several kind of cancers and many autoimmune disorders can be traced back to eating this alien food.

Animal food is not bad. It is not poison. But it is poison for us. Tigers, lions, wolfs, dogs and cats can eat many times more meat than you can eat. And they can live exclusively on animal flesh without any risk of developing coronary artery plaques and blocks. Without suffering a heart attack or a stroke. That food is natural for them. They are made that way. The claws and nails, teeth, quality of saliva, acidity in their stomach and length of their intestine - all are evidences that their system is meant to thrive on animal flesh and blood.

But, for you and me it is not the right nutrition. Eating meat is unnatural for you. Your body engine is not made to handle this fuel. It damages the engine (heart) and its feeding tubes (arteries).

First Step of heart attack preventions is to reduce your dependence on all kind of animal foods. Best is to turn vegetarian. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables. They pack the health recipe that handful of tablets can not deliver. Impact of this change is rapid and profound. Anticipate more energetic and symptom free days and nights ahead. You may like to read more about intelligent heart diet at this link .

Logic of Large Muscles of Your Limbs:
Move Your Legs for Heart Attack Preventions

Those powerful muscles in your legs and arms are meant for regular movements. In fact, powerful calf and thigh muscles work as the 'second' heart and assist the heart in its pumping operation. Our ancestors lived in jungles and caves surrounded by uncertainty of climate and wild animals. They were always on their toes. Probably, they did not bother about their heart attack preventions. Their hearts were well toned, trained and protected.

Times have changed. We no more live in jungle caves. Modern technical discoveries have limited our movements. We are no more on our toes. Our movements are curtailed. We have become a sedentary species. At the same time, our food has become poisonously rich. Inappropriate food adds to our weight. Obesity - overweight. This epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease is a pointer towards a grave future for generations to come if we don't move our limbs and mind our food.

Today, move out of your comfort zone. Move out of your easy chair, couch and car. Walk where you can. Find opportunity. Create opportunity. Join a group. Walk, cycle, swim, dance. Do what pleases you. But please do your heart this favor. Let your limbs move. Very powerful move if you are serious about heart attack preventions/reversal.

Substitute Cigarette Smoking With..

Cigarette smoking is directly responsible for more than 20% of heart attack related deaths. Smokers have 4 times higher risk of dying young from a heart attack.

If you are serious about heart attack preventions..

..Quit Smoking!

For some, quitting cold turkey works very well. If that is you – reclaim your being a non-smoker. Drop that fool-stick NOW. After all you were born a non-smoker. Didn’t you?

For many others, setting a quit-smoking-day helps psychologically. If you think that suits you better – be intuitive, ask your heart and listen to it. Set a date when you will stop smoking for good. Find reasons why you want to quit – your health, self image, financial saving, a good example for your children – or whatever. Announce your decision to your well-wishing friends and family members. Smoke without any remorse and a sense of guile till that day before saying a final goodbye to a longtime friend – your cigarette.

There are various things that can help you in the process.

If you are worried about withdrawal symptoms of nicotine you may like to take help of nicotine substitutes – nicotine patch, nicotine gum or nicotine spray. These nicotine substitutes can help you to make the transition easier.

Hypnosis or some mind control programs may be pretty helpful as an adjunct to your decision to quit smoking without a nicotine substitute or with a nicotine substitute approach. For more about smoking and your heart, read here .

Golden Secret of Heart Attack Preventions:
Simplify – De-clutter, Re-Priorities and Reorganize Your Life

Simply put, manage your stress. Having a fresh look at life priorities, helps big time.

Is health your top priority? How can you realize heart attack prevention if health is not your top priority. MAKE HEALTH YOUR TOP PRIORITY NOW. Write it on a paper now and sign it. Paste it somewhere you can see it several times every day. A good health makes you more focused, efficient and balanced. Other objectives are met with relative ease. Without sacrificing your precious health.

With right priorities in sight you can better plan and execute your health, wealth and relationship goals. You can manage your time better.

Let go of pent up anger, guilt and resentment.

The Best Time Investment: Add Few Minutes of Yoga and Meditation

Originally, the word yoga means the union – being one - whole, wHOLISTIC. Often, we are so cut off from our own feelings and sensations that our actions and expressions are contradictory to our deepest desires and wishes – our intentions.

People suffer heart attack without being aware. They call it ---
‘Silent Heart Attack’ . Oh, this is a misnomer. Heart attack is never silent – it is unheard. Unheard – because you are not listening to the ripples of your own body-river.

Yoga is ancient eastern wisdom that helps you to become more sensitive to how your body is feeling in the moment. From moment to moment. That brings you in touch with your deeper bio-spiritual wisdom. With awareness, begin with some yoga postures. Find few minutes of union with your intelligent un-acknowledged-self in meditation.

Rediscover Joy and Playfulness

One of the best anti-aging prescription. Rediscover the inner child. You don’t need big breaks to be happy and celebrate. Small doses of causeless joy are spread around you. Interplay of light and shade. Color and fragrance of flowers. Innocence of dew drop on fragile grass blade. Twinkle in the eyes of a stranger.. playfulness of children… Celebrate the priceless beauty surrounding you. Nothing can beat this to help you become young and youthful again.

Age is a concept. Reality is what you live. Youthfulness in your approach towards life and relationship makes your body chemistry young. Hardness is a problem of senility. It is not only cholesterol and triglycerides – it is hardness of heart and fixity of thoughts & beliefs that contribute to hardening of your arteries. Children are agile. Let go of the fixity. Find alternative ways of responding and living.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a healing journal helps in many ways. Few minutes a day logging your achievements, expectations, challenges and frustrations can generate fresh ideas and insights for a healthier and happier living and lifestyle.

Heart Attack Prevention and reversal of heart disease begins with an attitude of embracing change and trusting the process. It is not an all or none kind of thing. Even the longest journey begins with the one step. One step at a time. Take your first step. Today. One step more. Another.. and yet another. You will love what you find on this wonderful adventure of healing your life.

Pass on the attitude to your friends and family. You will leave a healthy legacy. By taking care of your life and your heart – you are making a difference to this world. Heart attack prevention is just a metaphor for quality of life.

Listen to your heart for guidance .

My heart goes out to you as you begin on this Journey.

Bon Voyage..

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