Heart Attack Prevention Is Possible
Wake Up Now and Take Charge of
Your Life

Heart attack prevention is possible and easy.

Heart attack kills 1.81 Americans ….. 24 on the planet.. every minute

We are amidst an evolving epidemic of coronary artery disease !

Imagine, by the time you reach to the bottom of this page….

…. 100 men and women will be heart-attack-dead.

Outrageous! And very unfortunate!!

Outrageous because most of these deaths could have been prevented!

Very unfortunate because they will die!

Heart Surgery Or..
Natural Heart Attack Prevention

Heart disease is reversible with life style modifications with or without drugs.

90% and more can reverse the heart disease and
prevent a pending heart attack without ….. going under surgeon’s knife.

Heart Surgery -- Angioplasty, stenting and Bypass surgery -- can be better saved for those who are

…... already lying on the operation table ….

…... had a massive-heart-attack and are currently hooked to life support in an ICCU….

and those ….

…... who are sure of themselves that they can ….NOT even IMAGINE a personal healing transformation in their lives.

A healing journey which is sure to add joy and happiness to a fulfilling life!

This journey is about reclaiming YOU. Your ‘lost’ healing potential. Journey of discovering harmony and balance in life. A Wholesome Life!

Are you ready to join me today? Is heart attack prevention your number one priority or you are helplessly waiting to become the tragic statistics?

I shall be happy to be your guide, coach and mentor on this journey.

I realize ….

Information overload overwhelms and paralyzes the decision making. I will save you from the info overload of heart attack prevention. You will get the information you need to act upon this month, this week, this day, …. and NOW.

Information alone is not enough. It is barren. Unless you act upon it. That is your responsibility.

Take Responsibility for
Your Heart Attack Prevention

Just imagine a person you feel concerned about…..

Imagine the worst comes true …..and .. symptoms suggest a heart attack ….


The person in consideration deludes herself that this is a heart burn, a flu, a burn out, a muscle pull or panic attack …. (For many unusual heart attack symptoms - Click Here)

And she does not call 9-1-1 or local emergency number.

And.. she just continues to finish the work at hand. Meeting dead-lines.

Deadly mistake! What do you think?

It might be too late by the time she reaches hospital!

Do you know 50% of heart attack patients die before they receive medical attention?

She had a responsibility.

A responsibility to ACT. To Act in Time.

The price of not acting in time is too high …

… both in human and financial terms. A life is punctuated prematurely.

A death that could have been prevented!

Outrageous and very Unfortunate!

I feel very sad. What are you feeling?


About your responsibility?

Remember Responsibility means Ability to Respond.

Do you have this ability to respond?

Or … you too are deluding yourself and meeting deadlines?

Wake Up to Reality ….. Realize the Truth ….

BUT, Truth has a downside..

All truths are too SIMPLE.

They sometimes don’t appear enough ‘sexy’ … if you are addicted to complexity!

And the simple truth is ….

You can Refuse to Suffer a Heart Attack. You can Reverse Your Heart Disease .


I did.


Oh. my apologies..

I must introduce myself….

Hello! My name is Dr Manoj Sachdeva. I am a physician from India.

10 years ago I was on the brink of suffering a heart attack. The frequency and severity of angina was too … frightening. The stress test was unequivocal … loud enough to wake me up… Angina and Ischemia. Coronary artery disease was diagnosed at the age of 37.

I consider myself lucky that I had those warning symptoms of heart attack . The alarm from my intelligent biology. So many have a silent heart attack without a warning!!

I consider myself doubly lucky that I could muster courage to take charge of my destiny. To participate in my own healing. And to take a road less traveled.

Today, I bless the crisis that was blessing in disguise. The windfall is too abundant to describe in words. All that matters in life is not countable.

But, I love to share my story.

I hope it will provide you some spark to heal your own life.

And, I love to share my passion to help you heal your life. Heal beyond heart attack prevention , physical aches and pains. Healing that encompasses body and mind and spirit. Healing that comes from your inner intelligent core. Your inner healer.

I am a constant learner of life lessons. And I suppose I have learnt this lesson well enough to move beyond my identity-arrogance of being a ‘physician’ …and to function more as a facilitator, a change agent in your own adventure of healing journey for heart attack prevention and disease reversal.

So, here, you have 2 in 1 benefit of being in a company of physician as well as change facilitator / coach who learnt his lessons the hard way. By changing his own life.

But please, take your own responsibility and consult your personal physician. The information, advise and services on this website are in no way a substitute of your own physicians consultation and prescription.

Of course, you will benefit by always being aware of the development at the cutting edge of conventional modern medicine and surgery…. . by the regular RSS updates and e-letters.

Begin Heart Attack Prevention and
Start Living A Healthful Life

My passion is my inner guide. If you are ready to listen to your inner guide – you have a friend here who…

….. trusts in your potential to make a difference in your own life and life of your loved ones.

….. respects your individuality, uniqueness and right of choice.

…….…….Now cheer up!

Listen to that little voice within that says it is sexier to make meaningful changes than be buried in a graveyard ….for eternity.

And listen to that little voice that says that YOU CAN DO IT!!

Have trust in yourself.

Embrace Change before it is too late.

True, it is a serious, engaging personal work – and - not a quick, first-aid approach.

But I promise it will be fun and rewarding beyond your expectations.

Reversing heart disease is not a rocket science!

It is about your life.

It is about the way you live your life.

You are right… we will be talking … a lot …. about food, exercise, stopping smoking, weight loss, stress… (You can read about comprehensive lifestyle prescription at this link .)

But, these are the symptoms of some thing deeper ….

You can not win against yourself by force of sheer will.

Come with me. I will guide you along secret path of transformation. And I think it is sexier than you are thinking.

Begin with listening to your heart .

This is the doorway of healing.

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