Coronary Artery Disease
Reversal and Prevention Strategies!

Coronary artery disease has the unique, gory reputation of being most deadly killer on the sprawl.

Kills anyone, anywhere - both men and women around the globe. Ruthlessly spreading its net on unsuspected victims.

Coronary Artery Disease - Fact Sheet

• Conservative estimates - up to 50% of both men and women in US having silent heart disease.

Younger age group more prone to having sudden heart attack without warning signs.

• Up to 50% of those suffering heart attack die before they seek medical help.

• Strangely, Women are unsuspected victims and more likely to die during first heart attack and in the following one year.

For more info about women and heart disease

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• In most cases balloon angioplasty, stenting and bypass surgery
do not prevent further heart attack or sudden death from cardiac events.

• Genetics play a modest role. About 15 - 20% people suffer because of genes they carry from their parents

• Final deciding factor of all the modifiable risk factors - is Life Style.

• Study after study proves- vigorous life style modification with or without cholesterol lowering drugs brings down the risk of suffering a heart attack. Scientific poofs of life style modification on reversing coronary artery disease. This approach optimizes weight, brings down blood pressure and cholesterol. Diabetic control is improved.

With sensible Life Style CHANGES, Coronary artery disease stops progressing or begins to reverse in more than 90% of patients with heart disease.. Statistically significant improvement with drop in likelihood of experiencing a heart attack , death from a cardiac event, angioplasty or bypass surgery.

Where do you go from here?

Major life style modifications require departure from
life time habits which often have subconscious emotional blocks at the root of unhealthy living. You need correct information, motivation to begin and perseverance to stay on the path.

You may like to begin with assessment of your probable risk of having a heart attack in next 10 years.

Or, you may prefer to go to the lifestyle prescription that is scientifically proven to open blocked coronary artery and significantly reduce the risk of a future heart attack.

Find the motivation and begin with changing risky behavior relevant to you.

For some, confusing, conflicting information overload is the barrier stopping them from making the right changes in their lifestyle. Once they have the right information for their first step - there is nothing stopping them. If it is you.. the next link will take you to the step by step comprehensive lifestyle prescription. For comprehensive lifestyle related information click this link.

Information is like a MAP

For most of us - information alone is not sufficient. Information is like the map of your journey. But if you keep the map and never take the first step in the right direction, this map - the whole encyclopedia about reversing heart disease - is barren.

You need to take the first step.

And then keep on moving.

Unfortunately, most of us face strong inner resistance when we need to make some important change in ourselves.

You can not wish away this resistance. If it is there stopping you to initiate your healing journey or to keep stay on the healing path.. you need to understand more about this missing link...

You Need A Compass And Map Both

Don't wish away the inner resistance. It has a deeper meaning for you.

It can communicate its contents to you.. and ..the source of resistance. Once you listen to it.. the resistance transforms in the purpose for the change.

You can learn to..communicate with your body. The body - if you prefer you may like to call it your gut or your 'heart' - is reservoir of survival strategies of billions of years of life on this planet. The mind - the think machine - is still unaware of these deeper insights of life and living.

The message from your body is like a compass that can help you to heal your life and your heart. It can help you reverse your coronary artery disease.

Trust me ....

your heart has a message for you. And that message is healing.

Your body is intelligent and it knows exactly what is needed to heal your life and coronary artery disease.

Listen To Your Heart

This Intelligence of your heart lives in your body - not in the head. It is the same intelligence that manages the cosmos… .... that brings about day and night, the weather cycle .... and ...

....yes ... you have the same intelligence that lets you breathe without being aware, that makes your heart beat to adapt to the changing demands of your body, coordinates billions of cells that are building blocks of your body….

IT is re-generating, re-cycling, renewing you each moment.

But unfortunately you stopped listening to it … long ago ...

.... and you have probably even forgotten that IT does exist.

you need to find that little voice again .... inside you …. and trust it.

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Find that fountain-head of life... your core.

You need not to go some where else to find it. This miracle is available to you … right now and here

Just go within and find guidance to heal your life! Your awakened intuition will illuminate your healing path.

Need Help?

Want to find that little voice again? Click here to reconnect with your heart.

Want to find a way for reversing heart disease ?

To help others treat and prevent heart disease, consider a healthcare management degree online and get started today.

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