What Is A Heart Attack?
A Protest of an Abused Heart!

What Is A Heart Attack?

Well, the blood supply to a part of heart-muscle is totally blocked and - starved of its nutrition – affected heart muscle is damaged permanently and dies.

Yes, cholesterol, over weight, diabetes, smoking and stress are the official risk factors of heart attack . But, there is one common factor behind all these.

Please, I am not referring to genes! Genetics play a role, a very important role. But that is very limited. Not more than 15-20%

that ONE Common Factor is -
the life-style-choices you make.

I want you to look at this critical life-empowering information from quite a different angle.

Please, drop the idea that this block is just some thing mechanical (non-live) made up of some fats and other chemicals. There is a biological -live- intelligence behind each action inside your body. Each action that you can modulate, modify and influence.

Your body is highly intelligent and is always in communication with you. If you are listening to it – it will communicate to you what is needed to keep it in prime of its health.

Why must you suffer a heart attack that can be prevented?

Heart on Protest

Heart is the hardest pressed, most committed and disciplined organ in your body. It obeys all your commands and delivers all demands created by the whimsical mind. Day and night, it is your servant 24x7.

To serve you non-stop, it is expected that you pay a certain amount of sensitivity towards this tender-wonder-child in your life. Just like you try to be sensitive and loving towards your own child.

Long neglect may cause your heart to go on protest in Gandhian style.

Non-cooperation. Fasting till death.

It blocks its own supply lines!

Yes ..... the ultimate tool of the protesting heart is Heart Attack!

A Forgotten Language!

Heart speaks in a language of symbols, feelings, sensations, pains and discomfort.

You were born with a capacity to understand this bio-spiritual language. All children DO understand their Heart-Felt!

But, probably, You forgot what you knew when you were a child. You don't remember that you know.

Because, You were trained.

Trained to speak the social language.

And, social message does not encourage you to feel and express what your heart says.

They, your parents, teachers and mentors, trained you.

They did the best they could to prepare you cope with the heart-less society. They simply did not know any better.

But, in the process, you forgot to listen to your own self and to your heart.

Your Self - the heart - feels neglected, unheard and un-understood.What do you think a little child does when he feels ignored and not understood? He protests because he wants to be acknowledged. And, if this protest is unacceptable by 'those in authority' - he becomes silent and withdraws. Just to cope. Just to survive.

And, this withdrawn and silent inner-child keeps on trying. Ever so subtly. So that it can be heard.

It makes you do things that are irrational, illogical. You don't understand why you do what you do. Your inner-child is at work.

The Missing Link

This inner child - your subconscious - is the missing link.

The missing link between what you do and what you should do!

Whether you are smoking, or indulging in food even when body does not need it, sitting all day long in front of a computer or TV even when your body fees stiff and cries for stretching, this missing link is in the driver's seat.

Smoking, fast food culture, physical inactivity and stress are the risk factors of a heart attack. You know this. You know this is un-healthy. Even then this is your life.. You simply don't know why.

Because you are not listening to your heart!

It has some message for you.

Now try to answer this question for yourself ... what is a heart attack? Or .. even better..

What is a heart attack for me? What is its personal meaning in my life?

Is it not a desperate attempt to wake you up?

So that you acknowledge your heart. Something you have not done for a while!

Heart attack or any other untimely life-threatening chronic health condition is similar in this aspect.

It has the spiritual message for you - to reconnect with your isolated and abandoned-inner-child who is living in your heart.

Don't ask >only specialist what is a heart attack. You will get statistics, figures and logic. And, that is not enough to change the way you live. Your Life Style.

You need some thing more. Something Special.

The Missing Link in all medical research.

Listen to Your Heart

This might be new and unexpected for you. You came here asking 'what is a heart attack'.

And we have moved away from the science of medicine. Because this is the field of healing.

Medicine deals with knowledge of disease. Healing is all about health and being whole.

Listening to your heart will help you heal your life.

Push aside your doubts for a while. You have nothing to lose.

Move down from your head. It hardly knows anything other then what they tell you.

Move down.... to your body. From inside feel your chest and your abdomen. Home of your heart and guts.

Just pay attention.

Don’t be impatient. Don’t be harsh. Your inner-child is very shy. And very sensitive.

Lovingly go to your heart and ask it. Ask questions that really matter.

What is a heart attack for me? What is the message behind IT?

Make space for the answer to come.

Don't be impatient. It takes some time for old silence to break.

Your heart will smile. You will get your answers.

With care and affection, Listen to what comes. Receive the message. Pay your gratitude. Promise to come back.

And go back again. Often.

You will get the message to heal your heart and your life.

This wonder-child wants affection, attention and a promise of good use. It resents being ignored.

You will get your most crucial answers when you ask your body crucial questions like “what is a heart attack for me?”

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