Natural cures for heart disease

Reverse Heart Disease and
Its Multiple Risk Factors!!

Natural cures for heart disease are more reliable and long lasting. It makes more sense to try and use natural ways to heal your heart and
heart attack risk factors, before you resort to conventional drug and surgical path.


Logic of Natural Cure for Heart Disease

Simply because.... coronary heart disease is the outcome of un-natural lifestyle - that alters the body chemistry and balance. Such unhealthy lifestyle sets in process the atherosclerotic changes in coronary and other arteries.

Naturally, to reverse heart disease and prevent a heart attack, you need to correct the causes that are putting you at increased risk of suffering a heart attack.

Heart Surgery – both angioplasty and bypass surgery – are at the best temporary solutions. It is like cutting the branches of a poisonous tree in the hope that new branches will not come back. False hopes!

Branches come back because of the feeding roots. In the same vein – coronary blocks reappear after these surgical procedures.

Angioplasty and bypass surgery save many lives. True!!

But, these surgical knives are needed only when you have not corrected the faulty lifestyle in time. And, the worst is that, after surgery you develop a false sense of security that can rob you of the reason and motivation to correct the root causes of the heart disease.

Same applies to the most drugs. Nitroglycerine and all its cousins. They do not stop the deadly growth of plaques and blocks in coronary arteries. These drugs just mask and postpone the symptoms but.. don’t stop the growth of heart disease. Coronary heart disease with fatal blocks, keeps on growing in the background.

Surgery might be needed to buy the time if you wake up late. Don’t be fooled by your silent symptoms. You must complement these tools to reverse heart disease by your own lifestyle changes. There is nothing to match natural cures for heart disease.

Before You Begin On This
Self Healing Journey…

Take Responsibility for Your Life

Be Informed

Consult your physician

You are More Than Your Body..

Essentials principles of
Natural Cures for Heart Disease

Natural cures are based on following principles..

Cures are based on healing power of nature.

Nature is intelligent, and, has unlimited healing potential.
Your body-mind is part of the nature. All natural therapies tap in your inner healing power to prevent and reverse disease. Your inner healing dynamic is complemented by wise food, exercise, and stress management. Ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation plays a vital role in natural cures for heart disease.

Treat the whole person.

Natural healing approach respects you as a whole person – your body, mind, heart and soul. That is the true meaning of holistic – wHOLISTIC - healing.

You are more than your body. Body is animated with the life-force. And, it communicates to you through feelings, sensations and your gut sense. Your heart talks to you. Natural cure efforts help you to listen to your heart. That (your inner voice) is your best guide in your pursuit of natural cures for heart disease.

Identify and treat the cause.

Basic causes of heart disease and heart attack are hardening of arteries and blocks in them. These blocks are caused by un-naturally rich diet that is poor in nutritional value. Lack of physical activity, smoking, hardening of attitude and chronic stress are the other important lifestyle related multiple risk factors of heart disease and heart attack .

Prevention is better than cure.

You can prevent heart attack by waking up and transforming your life by living a heart healthy lifestyle. Comprehensive lifestyle changes are scientifically proven to reverse even advanced coronary artery blocks. If you are diagnosed with a coronary artery disease – have heart. You are not helpless. You can influence your health and healing.

Results of conventional drug based treatment and surgical interventions (angioplasty and bypass surgery) are far from satisfactory. Blocks do reappear after surgery, because, the surgical intervention does not stop the hardening of arteries and plaque growth.

Keep these procedures as your last resort, if you are not already too late.

If you have time - begin today with having an inside-out vision of your life priorities. If health is not your top priority – make it your number 1 now. If you are not alive – nothing matters. Isn’t it?

Physician is the teacher.

This is the future of medicine. Hopefully your children will see a world where physicians are primarily a teacher. A physician-teacher recognizes and respects your own healing potential. The teacher within the doctor becomes your motivator and guide, so that, you can wake up to this healing giant within you.

Look around in your vicinity. Identify a physician-teacher who has your best interests at his heart. Take responsibility of your own health and happiness. Begin your healing journey today.

You can contact us for a personalized e-mentoring.

No Harm From Treatment.

Modern medicine has a myopic view of healing. Most medicines have several side effects – known and unknown.

Natural cures for heart disease uses your awareness, mindfulness, intelligent food choices and safe physical activity. No harm can come your way by adopting these changes in your life.

If you are on multiple medicines for heart disease, blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes – natural cures for heart disease will drastically diminish your dependence on these medicines.

Expect to reverse heart disease without needing a surgical mis-adventure.

Begin today.

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Home Remedies
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