Discover Golden Key to
Reversing Heart Disease!
Enjoy Positive Side Effects – Reclaim..
Youthful Energy, Enthusiasm and
True Freedom!!

Reversing heart disease is the journey to positive health and happiness. This drugless approach complements well with all other treatment approaches.

Begin Where You Are...

If you have developed coronary artery blocks and angina again
after the recent angioplasty or bypass surgery –
this comprehensive-lifestyle-modification-based-approach will help you by opening your heart and coronary blocks. It is your best chance to heal your heart without needing another heart surgery.

If you are recently diagnosed with a heart disease, and are planning to undergo an angioplasty or a CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting – technical name for bypass heart surgery) – read on. Information and links on this page will help you to make an informed decision at this critical time.

Surgery Does NOT Last..
Neither Drugs Stop, Growing Blocks!

Heart attack surgery is a temporary solution to a fatal problem – coronary heart disease - which is rooted in the modern lifestyle of inadequate physical activity, poisonously rich diet, smoking and stress.

To get rid of the problem you need to deal with the problem at this - or a deeper - level. Cutting the branches of a poisonous tree will not stop the tree from creating many more similar branches in your life. At the best heart surgery offers you a temporary relief and a false sense of security.

And, the same is true of ‘wonderful’ cardiac medicines. Nitro-glycerin and its cousins offer your coronaries to open up for few hours, so that more blood can flow to your cardiac muscles. But they don’t stop the plaque and block from growing up and filling up the space meant for blood flow. These pills don't help you in reversing heart disease. It keeps on growing in the background.

Aspirin makes your blood thin so that it can flow with relative ease but again, it does not stop from arteries getting harder and more narrow. At the same time, its other edge increases the risk of your suffering a ‘bleeding’ stroke.

And those anti-cholesterol drugs? True, when your cholesterol is very high and putting you at a high risk of suffering a heart attack – Lipitor and similar drugs offer some benefit. But its long term need and many serious side effects offset its value. Especially when you weigh it in the light of true possibility of bringing down cholesterol by simply making wise changes in your diet and other choices about day to day living.

Safest and Best Alternative That..
Becomes Better With Passing Months & Years..

Herein Lies The True Possibility of Reversing Heart DiseaseIn contrast to surgical and drug based approach of reversing heart disease – comprehensive lifestyle modification offers you the best of both the words.

It saves you from a big hole in your pocket and at the same time provide you a long lasting health with energy, enthusiasm and happiness due to its holistic body mind and soul approach.

With passing time you can hope for better and better health because this is the true anti-aging medicine. If you are opting for this path – you are opting for a futuristic model of health care.

Good thing about lifestyle modification based reversing coronary artery disease is that it complements well with all drug and surgical interventions. If your current situation demands an angioplasty or a bypass surgery and/or medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes – by all means, you can go for that.

But fortunately, your ongoing practice of living a wise lifestyle will soon minimize your dependence on these side-effect laden myopic crutches. These are good as a bridge. Once you reach on the safe land, you leave the bridge behind. Total Reliance on surgery and medication is risky. They have serious side effects and, additionally these approaches don’t stop coronary blockages from appearing and growing.

Lifestyle Modification Opens Up The Blocks and
Reverses All Modifiable Risk Factors

Coronary artery disease reversal by comprehensive lifestyle transformation not only clears your arteries – it is the best way of reversing all other modifiable risk factors that lead to heart disease and heart attack.

If you wake up early – you will be able to prevent coronary blocks and hardening of arteries that are the basic mechanisms of coronary heart disease and heart attack.

You are advised to consult your physician before you embark on this journey of reversing heart disease.

Voyage of Discovery

Find the spirit of Christopher Columbus. You are on a voyage of most significant discovery. True health, happiness and balance in your life. Embrace the change, welcome new ports and islands on the sea of your inner tapestry.

On this voyage of reversing heart disease - you need both map and the compass to steer you towards clean and open arteries - leaving behind hardness and blocks.

Map is that scientifically validated lifestyle recommendations that have proven again and again the superior and lasting value of making wise changes in your way of living to reverse coronary heart disease.

Click here for the full prescription. Compass is the voice of your heart - that knows what, where, when and why of your life. On this journey - this inner voice, your gut voice - will be your best and most informed guide.

Your heart knows all the answers about less understood inner resistance that comes up when you think of making some significant change in your life - be it your diet, decision to become physically more active, stop smoking or being more genuine and understanding to save an important but dying relation.

You have the map ..authority recommendations. Now you reclaim this compass also.

Befriend your heart and listen to it now.

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