Reverse Heart Attack Risk Factors

This is the KEY to Reversing Your Heart Disease

Trust the good news… YOU CAN reverse heart attack risk factors. This is the key of reversing coronary artery disease and refusing to suffer a heart attack.

At last the secret is out. You are not a helpless victim.

You are the captain and you can navigate your ship to the destination you want.

Till few years ago heart disease was supposed to be a one way journey. Once a heart patient, forever a heart patient. There was just an uneasy waiting to suffer an unavoidable heart attack.

No more. The pessimism is lifting fast.

New horizon in coronary heart disease management are about finding more appropriate and empowering means of communicating the possibility of heart attack prevention -- and -- reversing coronary artery disease.

Many risk factors are identified responsible for coronary artery disease. Major Heart attack risk factors are divided in two groups.

Heart Attack Risk factors you can change


High blood pressure • Being Overweight or Obese

High blood cholesterol




And, here is the simple, straight, scientific prescription to keep these big risk factors away or reverse them

• stop smoking – if you smoke

• eat a heart healthy diet

• walk 30 minutes 6 days or 60 minutes 3-4 days a week or some other aerobic workout

• Stress management by including yoga and meditation is another important part of this prescription.

These changes are sufficient to reverse even advanced coronary artery blocks in most of the patients. Non responding minority may require bypass surgery and angioplasty.

But strangely for most of us changing the habits of lifetime is a big challenge – even when life is at stake. To meet this challenge you will need patience and understanding. If you

listen to your heart you can successfully deal with the inner resistance and emotional blocks

Well, now, let us move to..

Non Modifiable Heart Attack Risk Factors

Are those heart risk factors you CAN NOTchange. These include

• gender (man or woman)

• advancing age

• family history of a heart attack… and

• your race. Certain races are found to be more prone to develop atherosclerotic coronary artery disease.

Males are considered to be at greater risk for heart attack. At first glance it seems right that you can not modify these factors. You can not change your sex. Even if someone undergoes a sex change operation it will not change his genes. So from heart risk perspective – a useless adventure. Just joking guys! But I hope I have conveyed the point.

And besides, this monster heart attack has changed its gender discrimination. No more women enjoy the historical friendly favor of coronary heart disease. Today coronary heart disease kills as many women as men.

But listen to this secret…

Scientific proofs are pouring in about the healing role of compassion, love and intimacy in reversing heart disease and other serious life threatening conditions like cancer. Even prayer seems to be on the radar of scientist. Its role in healing looks promising.

On the other hand - ruthless competitiveness, addiction to never ending to-do-lists and deadlines, unforgiving resentment, and emotional isolation is being seen as important & deeper risk for coronary artery disease.

It is not just romantic speculation about love and intimacy. Real, solid scientific proofs are available for those who care to listen. If you don’t look down at these traits as too soft and feminine, you have a real clue to change your destiny.

I wonder weather this newly found women vulnerability is not the result of feminine desire to challenge Adam's male dominance? In this pursuit, I feel, much of compassion and forgiveness was substituted by competition and ‘fight for women right’. Is not Eve paying a very heavy price for following Adam’s trail? You may like to read this thread on women and heart disease

Advancing age is considered as another non-modifiable coronary heart disease & heart attack risk factor. But this reference is for biological age, your calendar age. Young at Heart can defy age and all the risks of senility and advancing years. Flexibility and suppleness of body and mind, playfulness and openness are the traits of Young. And no age is bar to regain this playfulness and openness. You can open your heart today. This is the 24-carat-gold elixir for anti-aging.

Even non-modifiable can be ‘changed’.

Listen to your heart. That is your best guide. You can not go wrong with this guide.

Begin today.

If you want a personal heart attack risk assessment ….


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