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High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Cholesterol and heart disease are infamous twins responsible for huge human and financial loss across the globe in our times.

Cholesterol is NOT a Poison – You NEED IT

• Your body needs cholesterol for its cells. Cholesterol is an essential ingredient of all cell membranes in your body and makes them water proof.– especially in nervous system.

• For proper functioning of brain and memory – cholesterol is needed in nervous system.

• Many hormones in the body like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone etc need cholesterol as their building block.

• Cholesterol is also needed for inflammation and other immune processes.

• Cholesterol is essential part of bile that is needed to digest fat in your foot.

Your Body Makes All Cholesterol That It Needs

All animals’ bodies create cholesterol to meet the biological needs. Plants don’t contain cholesterol. In the liver, simple molecules are converted into cholesterol, ldl (bad cholesterol) and hdl (good cholesterol). All these biological miracle-molecules serve their designated function. They become risk factor, good and bad cholesterol once they exceed the liver’s limit to handle them.

Yes, Genes Have a Role…

Only few people have genetic tendency to create cholesterol etc in pathological large quantities. For rest of us it is the lifestyle that gives us heart attacks. Food that we eat and our physical activity profile to a very large extent determine our risk for such lifestyle dependent diseases like coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and hyper-lipid-emia.

All cholesterol that we eat comes from animal food – meat, eggs and dairy.

Cut these extra servings of cholesterol from your diet. And you will have enough cholesterol for you bodily needs made by your own liver. Just drop these sources of cholesterol if you desire to reverse heart disease and refuse a heart attack.

Vegetarian Cousin of Cholesterol –Triglyceride
The Ugly cholesterol

Vegetables don’t have cholesterol. Oils from plants are responsible for another cholesterol-cousin – triglycerides. Triglyceride is technical name of oil-fat.

If you are serious about reversing risks of heart attack along with animal food give up / substantially reduce all kinds of oils. If you already have advanced heart disease – the key word is Fat Free Diet for initial 12 to 16 weeks.

Yes, it doesn’t take years. In a couple of months your cholesterol will come down, extra pounds of weight will be gone and those ugly blocks in coronary arteries already started melting. And I swear, this diet can be delicious. It is only a mindset. Once you begin with at attitude of enjoying the change – change becomes easy.

You Are Made To Be a Vegetarian

Genetically we are made to be a vegetarian.Right from our nails and teeth, nature of saliva in our mouth to the acidity of our stomach fluids and the length of intestines all point towards this fact that our bodies are not made to run on animal food. This is an vegetarian engine. Animal fuel (food) is inappropriate for us and responsible for all serious diseases. In this sense diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and stroke are mal-adaptation.Returning to vegetarianism is your best chance of regaining health and reversing disease.

Modern Life Style: The Cause of Both -
High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Besides food, other risk factors for high cholesterol and heart disease are

• Smoking
• Sedentary Living
• Stress
• Obesity or being overweight
• Diabetes

Are they contributing in your cholesterol figures?

Change what you can. And, start enjoying an active, stress free and smoke free life.

You Can Not Change Genes

To Reverse the Risk of High Cholesterol and Heart Disease Change What You Can Change

You Might Need Lipitor and Heart Surgery

But that is a temporary bridge.

Lipitor and other cholesterol reducing medicine may be required if you have rare genetic capacity to overproduce cholesterol. Your physician may like to begin you on these medicines if your initial figures are in high risk zone given your other risk factors. But this is only a bridge gap arrangements. These medicines have many troubling side effects besides making a whole in your pocket perpetually.

If you make wise changes in your living and lifestyle – soon your dependence on these medicine will diminish and finish.

Same is true about angioplasty and bypass surgery. For your heart disease – it is possible that you underwent a surgery or planning for one – but realize this provides only a false sense of security. Root of the evil persists. Blocks return sooner than you think. If you have some time on your side before you surrender yourself for heart surgery – begin today.

This path of self recovery has many side effects also. But all of those side effects are positive. More energy, efficiency, happiness and youthful optimism. Rediscover health. Resolve today to reverse both high cholesterol and heart disease. Click Here for total lifestyle prescription of this life-changing journey .

If Information and Logic Is NOT ENOUGH To Help You Change -- Go inside and.. ..Listen to Your Heart

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