You Need NOT Suffer
Heart Attack Symptoms!
Mend the Roof Before Rain Comes.

Hey! Listen –

Heart attack symptoms are not -essentially- your enemies.

Just imagine

Some one having a silent heart attack!

A massive heart attack that is silent, kills before you realize and
say good bye to your loved ones. You don’t even get a chance to seek medical help. And you leave behind shocked family and friends. Unfinished agendas, unfulfilled dreams and.. worst ... a legacy of ‘family history’ of heart attack for your children. A silent heart attack unusual heart attack symptoms.

Warning Heart Attack Symptoms
Woke Me Up!

10 years ago I got the wake up call ….

I was on the brink of suffering a heart attack at the age of 37.

A nagging pain in my chest woke me up. I probably ignored it as heart-burn in the beginning. just like, when you have taken more than your share of your favorite dessert – and feel uncomfortable in your tummy and your chest. The discomfort used to pass with some rest.

But soon it grew in frequency and intensity. So much.. that I felt really concerned. ECG during episode of pain showed changes of Angina. A TMT (stress-test) proved without doubt ‘ischemia and angina’.

I think, I was very lucky to hear that anti-burglar alarm.
The alarm woke me up from a deep sleep to check those thieves inside my house and .... chase them out.

I was doubly lucky that I did not panic. I realized those thieves were my own 'guests' whom I had invited to my house. (Else-where on this site I will introduce you with my those ‘guests’ and how I chased them out from my life)

I didn’t go for angio or bypass surgery.

Who knows better than a physician - oh, let me introduce myself here, I am Dr Manoj SachDeva, a physician - that these surgical marvels don’t last long! At best both angioplasty and bypass surgery (cabg) are temporary measures that give you a false sense of security.

Yes! your cardiologist is sure of your repeat visit and business!! Sooner than you think!!!

What if you are suspecting heart attack symptoms Now?

If YOU Suspect
Heart Attack Symptoms,
Do NOT Ignore!!

Heart attack is critical. It can be fatal.

Each minute can make a difference between life and death.

Don’t delay. Call 9-1-1 right NOW.

Put a tablet of nitro-glycerine under the tongue and chew one uncoated pill of aspirin.

Keep cool .. Do not panic.

Without losing any time - manage to reach a cardiac medical facility.

My heart is with you in your struggle to survive these heart attack symptoms. I will pray for you to recover soon and begin healing your life.

Prayer and good wishes can make the difference. Science is, slowly but surely discovering the power of intention and prayer.

If some loved one is under intensive care for a suspected or diagnosed heart attack - Pray!

Don't undervalue what science is validating now. Prayer knows no distance. Yes, prayer has effect even when offered from a long distance.

Ask me to join you in prayer for a loved one.

Want the Secret of
Refusing a Heart Attack?

Take Charge.

ACT. Information alone is BARREN.

Coronary heart disease and heart attack is almost entirely preventable. The choices you make in daily life make profound effect on the wellbeing of your heart.

leaves a silence and vacuum ...

....Just because you didn’t get a warning. A warning that wakes you up to ACT.

A crushing heavy chest pain, that persists and may radiate, usually, to the left arm is the classical picture of heart attack of myocardial infarction.

But, Beware.

This Number 1 killer has many faces! It can be silent or it may have vague, un-characteristic symptoms that may feel like as a heart-burn, a flu, toothache or just a panic attack. Click this link to find out about

Here, on this site - you will find motivation, understanding, support and mentoring in your journey of healing transformation. Change is one of the most challenging task. Yet so important. Click here to find scientifically proven comprehensive lifestyle prescription to reverse heart disease.

Often,knowledge alone is not enough. It is barren. You need to have
inside-out vision of your life. And, you need to find a purpose for making the change. A purpose that is motivating.

Often there are emotional blocks on the path - deep subconscious blocks that stop you from changing. If you are serious about healing your life – you can not ignore them. Understanding and befriending them brings about peace and opens the path for purposeful change.

Don’t doubt your capacity. You are the captain of your ship. If you resolve – you can take your life-ship to the destination of your passion. Your inner self knows that destination and will steer you in the right direction. Just become aware of this inner compass and trust its voice. It will never misguide you.

Just do it. Make the beginning today.

Learn to listen to your heart now.

Bless those early warning signs and symptoms of heart attack that will transform your life. Health and Happiness are waiting for you.

All information that really - practically - matters is available on these pages and links.

At your own pace, go find the needful.

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