Fatal Massive Heart Attack
Often Comes Without Any Warning!

A fatal massive heart attack kills before you can bid a good bye to loved one and reach hospital to receive medical care. Because so many times massive heart attack is silent

In many women – younger and older, diabetics and people over 65 heart attack is often fatal.

What is fatal massive heart attack ?

A massive heart attack causes damage to large part of heart muscle. It is usually fatal - deadly. Often one of the main coronary is blocked in massive heart attack. On the other hand, a mild heart attack is caused by obstruction of a small branch of one of the arteries and affects a small part of the heart muscle.

If you know about massive heart attack – what causes it and symtoms of a heart attack ,you can recognize it early. The swift action can save some one’s lives, might be your own.

If you recognize early symptoms of heart attack – it is a time not to be wasted. Each minute counts.

Each Minute Counts

Call 9-1-1. They know how to revive a heart if it stops beating on the way to hospital.

A person suffering from suspected heart attack must not drive herself or himself. Only if, no other option is available.

Give a tablet of aspirin to victim to chew.

Put a tablet of nitroglycerin under the tongue.


..REMAIN CALM. This can make a difference of life and death

A massive heart attack occurs when blood vessels supplying a large part of heart muscle become blocked. Oxygen starvation occurs. Affected part of heart muscle is permanently damaged and dies.

Cold weather, unaccustomed exercise, heavy food and strong emotion can precipitate a heart attack.

A ruptured plaque, a clot or spasm of coronary artery blocks the supply to affected part.

When it is silent - heart attack kills very swiftly. Without even giving a chance. A tragedy has struck.

A difficult time for the loved ones! Devastating loss. It takes time for reality to sink in. After all it is so sudden!

Is Prayer Scientific?

If a loved one has suffered a massive heart attack and is being cared for in a hospital – Please pray for him or her. The scientific evidence is accumulating about the power of prayer. Several studies have proved the value of prayers. Outcome of patients with massive heart attack was better for the group for which prayers were done. Do it. Have a heart. Intentions are powerful. Ask me to join you in prayer.

Don't Anticipate Heart Attack!

It is not enough to know about fatal massive heart attack, its symptoms, presentation etc – if this knowledge fills you with a negative anticipation.

Don’t anticipate to suffer a heart attack

Resolve to reverse your heart disease!

Resolve to refuse suffering a heart attack. Know about massive heart attack but also know that you can reverse heart disease

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