Mild Heart Attack Symptoms
Can be Missed .. or .. Wake YOU Up!

Mild Heart Attack Symptoms might have gone unnoticed or confused with something else!

Asha (not real name), 48, was surprised when during routine

examination – her doctor casually marked a couple of points with his pen upon her EKG. He declared that she had suffered a minor heart attack during the last one year. These changes on EKG are recent and were not present during her last visit to the clinic.

Now-healed-old-scar-of-a-mild-heart-attack’ explanation didn’t reassure her. Not in her wildest dreams had she imagined to have anything amiss with her heart – let alone a

heart attack.

She was not a diabetic, nor did she have high blood pressure. She was excessively obsessed with her diet – always counting calories - and exercised 4 times a week. Yes, she is an executive ever pitched to meat multiple deadlines and has been through a painful divorce last year.

‘What are the mild heart attack symptoms ?’ Asha insisted to know. ‘Could I have avoided that? Is there a possibility that I suffer another attack which is not mild?’

‘Let us face the facts’ Dr Trehan said. ‘Heart attack, even a massive one – can be silent. You suffered a mild heart attack which didn’t produce much symptoms. Or, there is a possibility that you mistook them for something else .. difficulty in breathing, a bad digestion or a muscular pain or a general rundown condition like a flu.’

‘Being a woman puts you at a particular disadvantage because the symptoms of a heart event, mild heart attack symptoms in particular, are so much different in women when seen from the classical heart attack awareness.’

‘Generally, mild heart attack symptoms may feel like another attack of angina. With a pain, heaviness, burning or a non-descript vague discomfort in the chest – that doesn’t last very long.’

‘Women may not have any chest symptom. When present, this ‘discomfort’ may be felt in the upper chest or in between two shoulders.’

‘Warning symptoms of a pending heart attack are often experienced by women. Remember –----

difficulty in breathing,

undue fatigue and

disturbed sleep

-----can inconvenience women even as long as one month before a heart attack. These symptoms quickly diminish or go away after that heart attack – of course, if the victim survives the heart attack.’

Dr Trehen candidly told Asha that he is not sure that she could have avoided it. But now that she is aware of her vulnerability – she definitely could do something about it to prevent a heart event in future.

He explained her options of undergoing a stress test, an echo-cardiogram and a angiography to assess any blocks, damage to her heart due to that un-acknowledged heart attack and to assess the sufficiency of blood flow during peak requirement.

He told her that she needs to take some medicines to prevent another episode of a heart attack. And if, her further evaluation suggests she might need to go for an angioplasty or a bypass surgery.

Mid Heart Attack Can be Missed!

Asha missed to acknowledge her mild heart attack symptoms . She can have another attack in future also.

Your body tells you when you suffer an injury anywhere on the body. Why you fail to acknowledge a thing as critical as heart injury?

Is it that you are less aware of your body, your mind, your emotions and your life in general?

WHAT IF you learn to become more Aware, to Communicate with your Body, to Trust what your body conveys - and - to Act and Heal your heart and life by aligning with the messages you receive from your inner intelligence, the inner compass?

Trust me, your body is much much more intelligent than you think of it. It knows what is going wrong with this, it knows changing what will make it healthier and it also knows how to communicate this message to you.


YOU are ready to listen to it and trust it. This is one source that will not confuse you, will not give you contradictory messages about this diet or that diet, this exercise or that exercise. It KNOWS what is right for you.

Even animals know. They eat what is natural for them and they know to stretch the way that makes their body agile and flexible.

(Sorry, I am not talking about pets! Have you ever noticed pets in obese families – hey! Those pets are as fat as their mentors!! Got the message? It is not only ‘genes’ as you are supposed to believe.)

Animals Know but we humans do not know. Why?


This is about the market, propaganda and profits.

They don’t want you empowered!!

With no disrespect to the health industry, diagnostics and ultra modern balloon angioplasty, stents and bypass surgeries –

My suggestion is –

Wake up to your own Inner Healer. Don’t reject scientific advances but please don’t ignore your innate intelligence.

Before you go for any risky procedure or medicine - why don’t you tap into your own fountainhead of health? Here is no risk involved. Only side effects with this approach are a more balanced life, a happier life, more energy to pursue your visions and dreams.

And, actually, science has found this approach more effective than interventional cardiology. Learn about the proofs here.

But, Health Industry will not tell you about it. They are selective in conveying scientific information to you. You must understand - this is about multi-billion-dollar- research-pharmaceutical-diagnostic-and-surgical-market. They tell you what suits their interest.

Let your query about mild heart attack symptoms wake you up to your heart healing potential. Feel free to find more information, tools and resources about reversing heart disease and refusing a heart attack on this site.

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