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You CAN Change Your Destiny!

Heart Attack Risk Assessment becomes a negative tool if you accept it as your destiny. Assess your present risk of suffering a heart attack in next 10 years at the bottom link on this page and know that…

…this risk assessment is statistical calculation. Nothing personal about it.

You Can Change Your Heart Attack Risk!!

Coronary heart disease and heart attack is a life-style-related –essentially-preventable- disease. Many risk factors are found to influence its development.

These Risk factors are classified in two groups:

Modifiable Risk Factors – Risk factors you can change.

Non-modifiable Risk Factors - Risk factors that are fixed and you can not change.

Heart Attack Risk Assessment:
Modifiable or Changeable Risk Factors:-

This group of heart attack risk factors gives you the realistic chance of refusing to suffer a heart attack. Change these factors in your favor and you are on your way of reversing your heart disease. Benefits of transforming/changing these gives you true freedom and joy of a healthy and happy meaningful life.

Smoking • Physical inactivity

Eating habitsBeing Overweight or ObeseStress • Depression

The factors listed above, are within your area of influence. You can change the way you live from day to day. And by changing these risky behaviors you can favorably change your heart disease.

Coronary blocks and plaques start melting. Blocked coronary arteries open up. And, you begin to enjoy positive health free of many other life-style related diseases. Important among this class of diseases are the following ones - serious heart attack risk factors - in their independent capacity.

High blood pressure

High blood cholesterolDiabetes

To find out more about relationship between these risk factors and heart attack you can use the above links. This site is regularly updated. If you find some link missing at the moment – soon the information on the subject will be posted here.

Heart Attack Risk Assessment:
Non-Modifiable or Un-Changeable Risk Factors:-

Non modifiable heart attack risk factors include

• Sex

• Age

• Family History

• Race

In recent years coronary heart disease has been changing its behavior very unpredictably.

Only till few years ago, heart attack was supposed to be a disease for men. Just being a women was like having insurance against heart attack. But something has changed this balance.

Now, being a woman is hardly an advantage against a heart attack . Genetic difference between a male and a female is as old as history. Since the times of Adam and Eve that has not changed. Then what has changed to make Eve more vulnerable? You may like to meditate on some thought provoking ideas on this issue.

'Women and heart disease' at this link.

Average age of heart attack has also come down. Now younger people in their late 30s and 40s, both men and women, are often becoming victim of this No. 1 killer of our age.

Agreed, You can not change your biological age but how about being Young at Heart? Will that give you an advantage at beating this modern killer? You bet. It will. Evidences are flowing how your state of mind affects your health.

About family history I want you to realize that parents transfer not only genes to their children. They transfer, also, the lifestyle. And that is the crux of the matter when we are doing heart attack risk assessment. You can not change the genes BUT you can definitely change the way you live.

Higher risk for certain races – YES – you can not change your racial connection. But if nature has been unkind to you to place you at a higher risk of metabolic syndrome and heart disease – you still have the choice of living mindfully. That will counteract any racial disadvantage.

The Other Side of The Coin..

Heart attack risk assessment tool belongs to old times and has not been modified to accommodate these trends of heart disease and heart attack.

It is likely to underestimate risk for women and young.

Truth is that today every second person in US has more than average risk of suffering a heart attack in next decade. If you have been reading in between the lines the message is: you are nurturing coronary artery disease inside your body. Heart Attack Risk Assessment Tool just calculates the stage of the disease.

Don’t ignore the other side of the coin. The good news is that YOU CAN reverse your heart disease .

Here comes the role of modifiable factors. You can not change your family history but you can change the lifestyle that created history (of heart attack) in your family. Modify your life style. You can change your life. Earlier you begin the better. It is never too late.

Why not begin today?

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