Intelligent Heart Diet For
Reversing Heart Disease.

Intelligent Heart Diet is, perhaps, most critical part of reversing a heart disease. Heart Disease is not a one way traffic. It can be reversed. Your body has a powerful healing system. Choose to support your intelligent body in its healing mission.

What you eat influences your body in a profound way. It can give you heart disease and many kinds of cancer. And, it can HEAL you. Choose intelligent heart diet. Blocks and plaques dissolve. Hardened arteries become more flexible again.

Heart diet is vital and an important part of the life style modification. If you are diagnosed with a heart disease – resolve to transform your life. Besides healthy dietary choices, become more active physically, prepare to say final good bye to smoking, organize your life and relations – make health your first priority.

In this article you will find dietary guidelines and tips for reversing heart disease. If you have high cholesterol or have been diagnosed with coronary blocks these life-enhancing, scientifically proven recommendations will keep you on the right track.

For primary prevention of heart disease diet is more permissible. On intelligent heart diet for reversal, once you are feeling brighter, your symptoms are gone or substantially improved, your cholesterol and body weight are back at the safe level – you have more choices and flexibility for your diet.

Besides reversing heart disease, this nutritional plan will help you prevent and positively modify many other serious diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, most autoimmune disorders and possibly many types of cancers.

You need not feel deprived...

..on this intelligent heart diet. You can eat as much as you want. Even then you are going to witness dramatic and quick dropping of extra weight from your body, your cholesterol and triglyceride to return to safe recommended levels, your diabetic control getting much better.

And all this with lesser and lesser medicine. Though a word of caution ---– before you begin with this powerful longevity prescription. Inform your physician at the beginning. This will save you from overmedication. In coming weeks and months expect to need lesser medicine for angina, blood pressure and diabetes.

What is different is the choice of what you eat!

Intelligent heart diet is a vegetarian, whole food nutrition plan that is low in fats. All kinds of oils (100% fats) are out of your recipes. Nuts, seeds and avocados are excluded in the reversal phase for the same reason.

You will be eating unlimited amounts of nutrient-rich, fiber-rich food.. not empty calories. Lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and legume make the largest portion of this heart friendly diet.

Whole-grained cereals in limited amounts provide calories to your daily diet.

Non fat dairy or cholesterol free soy products should be restricted to two servings a day.

In very small amount nuts and avocados can be consumed.

Sugar or non fat sweets are permitted in moderation. Not more than 20 grams of sugar a day . It is better to avoid this if weight is a significant risk factor for you. And if you have diabetes - keep away from refined sugars.

Salt should be used in moderation. Due to other medical reasons like high blood pressure you may like to minimize its use further.

Green tea in limited amounts is found to be beneficial due to its anti-oxidant effects. But caffeine in other forms like coffee, tea etc is not a part of this diet. Caffeine is notorious in causing heart arrhythmias and is a cause of stress and poor quality of sleep.

What is excluded from this diet?

All animal food – meat, poultry, fish and dairy are not part of heart diet for reversal. Egg white and limited fat-free dairy are the only exceptions.

All fats and oils are excluded from this reversal diet.

Alcohol is not encouraged. If consumed - limit it to one serving a day.

Recommended Supplements

A good quality, low dose multi vitamin and mineral supplement with B 12 is useful.

Fish oil to supplement omega 3 fatty acid is recommended.

Usually after 6 - 12 weeks you can relax with a more permissible prevention diet.

Till then enjoy the life-saving change in diet. And please complement it with some yoga, few minutes of walk and meditation every day. Silence of meditation will help you to listen to that small voice of your heart that is your best guide.

Most patients reverse their heart disease with this change. Be optimistic and begin now. Keep the surgical intervention as a standby option. But check with your physician before you begin with these changes.

I wish you all the best in your transformation journey. Let me know if I can help you in any way during this challenging time.

My heart is with you.

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