Don’t Fear Another Silent Heart Attack
You are on Crossroads.
Choose A Wise Path…

Silent heart Attack can be a massive or a mild heart attack.

If you survived a massive heart attack – chances are that you underwent a bypass surgery or an angioplasty procedure. And now, you are worried about another heart attack in future.

Your anxiety is valid. If heart attack surgery is not followed by intelligent and comprehensive lifestyle changes – blocks appear again in coronary arteries and can be dangerous.

If you suffered a silent mild heart attack in the past – chances are that it was discovered at a later date. The diagnosis often comes as a surprise during a routine ECG or Echocardiogram. Because it is either symptom-less or

mild heart attack symptoms are so vague that it can be missed as something as trivial as indigestion or a flu.

You are lucky!

Life has given you a chance to reorganize yourself and begin living a healthy lifestyle. Probably at this moment fear of that trauma is driving your search for safe options to prevent a ‘pending’ heart attack!

Explore your options…

Imagine a dear friend...

...suddenly collapsing in front of you. Later, in emergency, he is diagnosed to have suffered a massive heart attack.

He needs clot buster treatment and probably an angioplasty or a bypass surgery to survive. This is the toughest option. It saves many lives every year. But, usually, it gives only a short lease of life.

Now imagine..

...your friend dreaming today his own heart attack. But an angel gives him a month to make the difference and avert a silent heart attack on the same date, same time, next month. He is given a month’s time to change his destiny. What should he do?

Go for diagnostic evaluation

• If he has not done so before, he must make an appointment with his physician.. NOW. He will have the assessment of his weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol – both good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) – risk factors of heart attack . An ECG or a stress test and an echocardiogram are used for basic heart evaluation.

• Angiography is an invasive test which poses certain risks. Another test – CT angiography – provides equally reliable results minus risk of conventional angiography. Discuss this option with your physician/cardiologist.

Congratulations - If no blocks are found in coronaries . It is enough to adopt easier preventive lifestyle prescription and enjoy sweet fruit of true health.

What if significant blocks are found in one or more of coronary arteries?

If significant blocks are detected, your friend must religiously take the prescription made by his physician. Besides, depending on his risk factors and willingness to transform his lifestyle he will be considering following two options:

Choose Your Option With Care

Undergo a surgical cleaning of coronaries.

(CABG or bypass surgery and angioplasty are two most common procedures for clearing the coronary artery blocks. Different kind of stents are used during angioplasty to keep the arteries open.) • Make comprehensive life style modifications to reverse heart disease and coronaries blocks. Keep surgical option as standby. In most of the cases, living a healthy lifestyle reverses even very advanced coronary blocks and need of the surgery is averted. But, it is prudent to keep the options open. Just in case!

Very often, after a bypass surgery or an angioplasty – blocks, that cause the heart attack in the first instance, reappear soon.

This mechanical approach clears the blocked arteries but does not alter the cause of blocks. So blocks reappear. And with the new blocks - chances of another heart attack increases. It could be a symptomatic or a silent heart attack.

So whether you or your friend undergoes a heart surgery or not – it is vital to reorganize your life and start living a healthy lifestyle.

Preventing a Heart Attack Is EASY
Don’t Fear A Silent Heart Attack

Preventing a heart attack is easier and more reliable by making intelligent changes in the ways you live – your eating, drinking and smoking habits, physical activity, stress management and coping capacity.

If you are diagnosed with blocked coronary arteries – consider yourself lucky. You can transform your life!

Resolve today to live your life aligned with nature. Make peace with yourself. Simplify your life.

Eat natural. Drink natural. Drop the cigarette. Begin with some walking everyday. Be in touch with your feelings. Let go off all resentments, anger and guilt. They kill you. Open your heart to the existence. This is true anti-aging formula.

Discover and start enjoying the true freedom of living intelligently before.. disease-creating-habits make your life a nightmare .

Reversing heart disease offers reward much more than just opening the coronary blocks.

Silent heart attack is not silent. It is simply unheard.

Tune in to that small voice of your heart.

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