Reverse Heart Disease
Before It's Too Late!

Resolve to reverse heart disease. Respect and follow your physician prescription. But your best chances are by changing your life style. The way you live in your daily life – body, mind and heart.

Find here the reasons you must decide to begin... today.

1. You are at great risk of suffering a heart attack. If you are an average American over 40 year your risk of dying from a heart attack is at least 50%. Well, this also means that out of 2 people ( man or woman ) one will die from a heart attack. You just can not take it for granted. Does that makes you sit up and feel concerned? Read further …

2. Your experience becomes a family history for your children. The risk of dying from heart attack will substantially increase with a positive family history.

3. There is no magic cure, pill or procedure – your best chance is to embrace a change. Change your lifestyle. Overhaul. Heal yourself and leave a healthy legacy for generations to come.


Meditate over this

A Curious story about coronary heart disease...

Is it life style or genes?

Japanese are less prone to suffer CHD in her own country. But ….

…. When a Japanese migrates to US - his or her risk of suffering a heart attack increases steadily till it approaches that of people born in US!!!


What do you think? What increases the risk of a Japanese upon migrating to US?

Genes don’t change. You live in America or Japan!

It is something else that differentiates living in America from living in Japan. What is that? Can you figure out?

Yes, you guessed it right.

Life style puts you at greater risk of suffering a heart attack and…

…Life Style will be the road to reverse heart disease.

You Are Creating History for
Your Children

More facts so that you can make life saving decision for yourself and your children:

Patients who adopted comprehensive life style modification with or without cardiac medication lived longer, had fewer cardiac events and better index of quality of life with staggering economical savings.

This was found in comparison with those patients who opted for heart surgery ( angioplasty / bypass ) with no or diluted lifestyle changes

What such reports often fail to measure is how this revolution affects loved ones, friends and children.

In my experience there is a huge positive difference.

If you are successful at reversing your heart disease, your success is passed on to your friends and family. It is infectious!

Take Charge

You too can heal your life and leave a healthier legacy for your children and world at large. You can reverse heart disease and refuse to suffer a heart attack.

The safest path is to take charge of your life. Change what is putting you at greater risk.

Realize! what brought you here will not take you there!


What puts you at increasing risk of heart disease, will not heal you.

You need a path correction to reverse heart disease.


Time for making some resolution!!

Find here total life style prescription scientifically proven to reverse heart disease. Diet, safe and effective physical exercise, saying not to smoking and stress management ….at this link.

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