Obesity and Heart Disease Go Together.
You CAN Reduce the Risk Of
Heart Attack by Living Wisely!

Obesity and heart disease are intimately related. Being overweight your risk of suffering a heart attack multiplies. The worst thing is that obesity increases other risk factors also.

Overweight people more often suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. All together they become the worst health disaster recipe.

If your concern is to find that missing link that will let you make the desired changes in your life. You have come to the right place.

Here you will find all practically useful, scientifically proven information, inspiration, resources and tools for making necessary lifestyle changes. For most, making right changes in lifestyle works. Extra pounds drop quickly, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure returns to healthy safe range.

But all this is not a magic. It will need the willingness to live a good, healthy, disease-free life.

Genes have a marginal role.

Number of both adults and youths who are suffering from overweight/obesity is staggering. And this is a growing phenomenon. Obviously genes have not changed for so many people in few decades.

It is the lifestyle.

Just consider...

...In their natural habitat obese animals are unknown. But 'pet' animals in obese families are often obese. Draw your own conclusion.

It is the lifestyle. Genes are marginal.

And even when these are genes - you have fat mother and/or father - you are even more vulnerable to a faulty lifestyle.
You can not change the genes. But you can change the way you live.

Your eating, smoking and drinking patterns.. Physical activity or inactivity.. And the way you deal with relations and situations.. Make your lifestyle work for you. And, that is the winning card in this game. If life is a gamble – you have the best deal -if- you are willing to embrace healthy changes in these areas. You can reverse both obesity and heart disease.

Overweight or obesity is in simple terms the balance between how much calories you are consuming and how much calories you are burning in physical activities.

These two – eating more calories and no or low physical activity – are responsible not only for obesity but they contribute to other risk factors of heart attack - high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. All together -and- you have the most dangerous heart risk package at your hands.

Good news – by making wise changes in your diet and physical activity – you can reverse both obesity and heart disease. Your risk of heart attack and many other life threatening disease will diminish dramatically.

This is indispensable and true call of the hour.


..begin today.

I agree it is a difficult job to choose one diet from the confusing -often conflicting- array of many promoted – and all with ‘scientific evidence’. Few ask you to eat high protein, some suggest to eat low fat and some recommending high carbohydrates. Confusing logic! One tends to not to believe in any thing. Is it not?

I am a physician. I was facing this challenge 10 years ago. I left no stone unturned. Studied all diets. Their pros and cons. I consider the Dean diet to be the safest. I highly recommend it. I have seen it working for me and for hundreds of my patients in my humble practice.

Once you are on the diet - most people discover dramatic changes. But it is still a diet and you may feel an urge to go back to your old risky behavior.

Reverse Both - Obesity and Heart Disease
Make YOUR True Hunger Your Guide

I have found it veryyy useful to help my clients discover their true hunger and let it guide their diet. This is the best guide you can find.

This way you have added freedom. You need not feel being tied down to a ‘prescription’. It is humane to rebel against anything imposed.

When you have found your own biological hunger – alas, most of us have lost that – there is no compulsion, no prescriptions to follow. Each day you marvel at the healthiest choices you make - enabled by your connection with your own bodily intelligence.

Animals have it. We have that potential to reawaken it. You have the best survival strategies on your genes. Just need to tune in to this grossly ignored area of personal empowerment.

In fact you are a victim of too much info – from various specialists. Information overload is the main cause of confusion and responsible for analysis paralysis.

All those animals in the wild never get obese. And they don’t have access to specialist’s opinions. They simply live by their gut wisdom.

You too have it. Tune in to it…

…and Let the nature be your guide!

Turn vegetarian.

Your body has telltale signs of being a vegetarian biological machine. Animal food is not the natural fuel for human beings.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes make the largest part of the healing diet. Take these as much as you want. Remember to eat your fruit. Don’t drink your fruit. Small amount of dry fruits provides enough of ‘essential fatty acids’.

Use Whole-Grained Cereals. Refined grains loose their nutritional vitality. And too much cereal generate extra calories to be stored as body fats if they are not being burnt by adequate physical workout. So use cereals in limited amount.

Limit salt. And, limit refined sugars.

Dairy – skimmed milk and its products – be limited in quantity.

Drink lots of water.


Respect True Hunger. The biological hunger. Know when you have eaten enough, are filled. Deny when body has partaken its needs.

Just add to it a few minutes of a walk or some other physical workout. May be cycling or swimming or gently swaying on your favorite music.

Each one of us is unique. Let the change prescription be customized by your own body. To suit its unique temperament.Living in such a natural way will take care of much of your stress as well.

Be sure you will shed your extra weight quickly. The fat from your hips and abdomen will melt real fast. Your coronaries will be cleaned of all cholesterol and triglycerides.

I understand the skepticism that you might be having to rely on your inner guide. But I guess – it is more of a self doubt than the doubt about existence of such intelligence within you.

If you have just the willingness to experience this intuitive path of living a good life – you will find enough guidance, tools and support here.

Obesity and heart disease be your passport to a good future.

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