Panic Heart Attack Symptoms?
The Way Out of Confusion!

Beware of Panic

Heart Attack Symptoms can mimic a panic attack in both men and women.

But.. this information is of vital importance for ...women!

Panic attacks are twice as common in women as in men. And, heart attack is the leading cause of death in women.

Now, take in account this important information...

Heart attack symptoms in women are unusual and may look like a
panic-attack, a heart burn, a flu or a general run down after a rough weekend.

True... panic attack will not kill you but a heart attack CAN.

And, you can not be sure.

At least, not when you are experiencing such symptoms for the first time - whether it is a panic attack or a heart attack.

The best way, when in doubt - seek immediate medical attention and care.

Even your doctor can not be sure without thorough investigation.

Best chances are, your physician will investigate you, to rule out a heart attack . Even he can not be sure without running an ECG, certain blood tests (namely troponin, CPK – MB among others), an echocardiogram or an angiogram.

So, as a rule, don’t ignore if you even remotely suspect a heart attack. Seek medical attention without delay.

What If
"Having Panic Heart Attack Symptoms"
Again and Again?

The above advice is golden if you are experiencing these symptoms for the first time. But what, if you are troubled by these attacks again and again??

Usually every person who suffers from panic attacks, is likely to suffer similar constellation of anxiety symptoms every time. So, if a heart attack was ruled out ‘last time’ when you experienced these panic heart attack symptoms!, this attack – if similar in nature - is most likely not a heart attack, but a panic attack.

Still not sure? Go seek the medical help.

It is rather better to feel embarrassed than being dead.

And more so … if you have one or more risk factors of coronary heart disease . The risk factors are – a suggestive family history, advancing age, being a male, around and after menopause in women, diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight (obesity), smoking, abnormal cholesterol and other lipids, inactive life style.

Do you find it overwhelming? There are few more to be added to the list. But, they are rather rare and you can, in fact, rest without knowing 'the scholarly information overload'….

Being informed is good - but - information alone rarely helps you to prevent a heart attack .

Most of the time, if you don’t make necessary changes in lifestyle – this knowledge is likely to add more fear and guilt to your already heavy burden of panic and terror.

My advice: Be informed and take action to prevent a pending heart attack ..

If you are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack , you must be under medical care.

Every passing minute will make the difference between life and death. You must not wait a minute.

If in doubt - call 911 (or appropriate emergency number for your country).

Chew a tablet of uncoated aspirin.

And, ask someone to drive you to the nearest hospital.

If it is not a heart attack ‘this time’ – a different way of living can prevent a possible future heart attack and, hopefully, can make you free from panic attacks as well.

But, thinking of change is such a dreadful prospect for most of us. Can even precipitate another panic attack!

Because, you have tried in past and failed. Some diet, some exercise plan …. You don’t want to fail again. All of us have been through this. We simply can not win against ourselves. The way to change is not through will power and gritting your teeth.

True healing intelligence is available inside you. Your body is a storehouse of all information that you need to heal your life.

Turn your attention inside and start listening to your heart - your gut intelligence.

This is the psycho-spiritual door of healing your body and mind.

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