If You Decide to Stop Smoking
Health Benefits Are Quick and Worth The ‘Sacrifice’

Stop smoking health benefits are so numerous and far reaching that every one who is smoking, must realize all benefits of quitting smoking.

Besides health benefits, stopping smoking gives your self image such a big boost that is not possible by any other achievement. And, don’t forget that you can save enough every year. If you are wisely invest this money you can become a millionaire in just few years time.

Health benefits begin soon after you let go of your last cigarette. And go on improving your health for years to come. Health damage done by smoking is so bad that even years after quitting smoking, nature is at work to undo the damage.

Here is a chronological list of important stop smoking health benefits:

Day 1:

Blood pressure, pulse and body temperature begin to drop towards normal.

Poisonous carbon mono oxide levels fall and vital oxygen levels start improving.

Your body has already started the healing process. This will become obvious to you in a few days time. For the moment you are likely to suffer from nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Day 1 separates you from those who are still smoking.

Day 2:

Risk of suffering a heart attack has started reversing.Your ability to taste and smell becomes better as the nerve ending start to re grow.

Day 3:

Your body is free of all nicotine and its byproducts.Your air-tubes are beginning to relax with increase in your lungs capacity.

Week 1 - 2:

Your body is making the transition to work without nicotine and 3500 + chemical particles and more than 500 gases that goes in your body with each puff of cigarette.

Week 3 - 12:

Your circulation is improving every day. Your lung function already more than 30% better.Now you can enjoy longer and faster walks. The youthful agility is returning to your steps.

Month 1 - 9:

Smoking damages the lungs very badly. Small hair like cilia which are damaged and destroyed by smoking – start regrowing after stopping smoking. During month 1 – 9 this regeneration of cilia improves your ability to handle mucus clearance. Sinuses clear up. Old cough disappears.

Your libido and sex performance improves tremendously.

Your whole body experiences resurge of energy.

1 Year:

Your extra risk of having a heart attack has already halved in this one year. 1 year ago when you were smoking you had double the risk of dying from a heart attack.

5 Year:

Your risk of suffering a lung cancer, risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus has significantly reduced and now it is half that of a smoker's.

Risk of having a stroke has sharply declined and is continuing to improve.

10 Year:

All precancerous cells are replaced by normal, healthy cells. Your risk of dying from a lung cancer is not any more than that of a person who has never smoked.

Risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas now is like that of a non-smoker.

15 Year:

Your risk of dying from a heart disease has reduced to that of a nonsmoker person.

Enjoy health benefits. Enjoy freedom of being your own master.Stop Smoking

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