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Quit smoking cartoons convey the subtle irony of our age. We pride ourselves as being the supreme, most evolved species on the planet. And, we are sitting on a time bomb that can burst any time. Whether It is Osama VS Obama (I hope today Mr Obama will win the presidential elections of America, he looks so dynamic and full of hope) War Vs Peace or Habit Vs Health, we are loosing on all fronts. And the basic problem seems to be with the psyche of human race.

If you ask me to name the prototype of human psyche – I will name American psyche.

Either --- you are an American, or you are an American friend, or you are fighting against America, or you are trying to emulate American lifestyle --- this fixation with brand ‘AMERICA’ is all pervasive.

So, America is the center stage of all economics and politics.

You must be wondering what America has to do with ‘Quit smoking cartoons’.

It has to do a lot… with the real problem of smoking.. disease.. and.. war . Can’t you see that all three belong to one group – a group that is violent, deadly and (…shame on us) preventable?

In fact America (the greed, the arrogance of being the best and greatest) is behind the economics and politics of tobacco, pharmaceutical and war technology.

This mindset is sick.

It is deriving pleasure of winning in a field that is essentially.. fatally dangerous. All preventable choices.

War, Disease and Smoking.. all are preventable.

We will need better and better ways of communicating the silliness of choices we are making each moment.

Don’t you think – each moment gives us the choice of being free of the image we have formed of ourselves. This moment need not be a clone of the past – the image. Not being the past is the real freedom. Otherwise freedom is only a euphemism.

The truth being we even don’t know what is freedom. We are prisoners of our own habits. No? Is smoking not a habit? An addiction? Just like we are addicted to behave in a fixed manner. To keep on smoking day after day, even after knowing that I am doing suicide by smoking – is the sickness of our race.

American psyche is just a representation of this even deeper problem. The problem of being caught in one’s own illusions. Of feeling and acting powerless.

As If..

As if you are your history. Finished. Nothing new is expected. Just.. old will repeat itself again and again. There will be nothing new.

As if you will keep on smoking day after day. There will never be a new day for you.


Or, is there a possibility of the release from this past-obsession?

True freedom.

And, you choose to quit smoking.

Cigarette is just a symbol. It is actually about ..my life. About your life. And.. about your children' life.

Choose to be a non-smoker.

I hope you will be able to find this ironical mindset in many quality quit smoking cartoons on this link.

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