Managing Hypertension
(High Blood Pressure)

Managing Hypertension starts with making intelligent changes in the lifestyle. In most cases, this suffices. But in others, it becomes necessary to add appropriate medication.

Lifestyle Modification Offers
The Best Chance To Reverse
High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease – your best choice is to revolutionize your lifestyle. In contrast to drugs – that are expensive and loaded with side effects, sometimes very serious – life style modification provide long lasting improvement. Changing your lifestyle is inexpensive and its only side effects are increased energy, improved efficiency and happiness. Only positive side effects.

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Medication for Hypertension

If you are found to be suffering from high blood pressure and or other risk factors like high cholesterol, diabetes and being overweight – your physician will put you on some medication along with some lifestyle recommendation. You MUST take the medication as prescribed along with making the right changes in your choice of quality and quantity of food, smoking, physical exercise etc.

With the wise changes – it is more than likely – that your dependence on medication will diminish significantly. Keep in regular touch with your physician so that you are not overmedicated when your blood pressure drops towards normal with your proactive choices.

In most cases medicine doesn’t know the real causes behind high blood pressure. Then, it is known as primary or idiopathic hypertension. Ignorant about its source, medicine is directed only at lowering blood pressure on daily basis by acting at peripheral mechanisms. You can understand that medication offers only a partial and unsatisfactory approach for treating hypertension.

In rare instances, a curative cause is detected behind hypertension. This class of high blood pressure (HBP) is called ‘Secondary Hypertension’. For example – an artery supplying blood to kidney is narrow. This is known as Renal Artery Stenosis. A surgical correction can correct both narrowing of artery and high blood pressure. Some endocrinal causes are also categorized in this group – example – pheochromocytoma.

But these examples are very rare when a curative medicinal response can be expected. In most hypertensive patients medicine offers much less then needed to handle one of the most important risk factor of Number one killer of our age – atherosclerotic coronary heart disease.

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