Exercise Affect Heart Rate...
Regular Exercise Builds Up
Healthy Heart

Exercise affect heart rate in direct proportion to the intensity of exercise.

An unaccustomed exercise may raise the heart rate rather steeply. But if you regularly do that exercise – you will be able to do it with relatively less increase in the heart rate. Or you can say that natural heart rate during exercise is less in a physically active people as compared to someone who does not exercise regularly.

Interestingly, in athletes resting heart rate is slower than non-athletic population. Athletics and all aerobic exercise train the heart to become more efficient. Heart can pump required amount of blood in lesser number of heart beats per minute. This becomes possible by larger amount of blood being pumped with each heart beat. And this is the reflection of improved cardiac efficiency.

In fact, regular exercise and physically active way of life is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease. Inactive physical lifestyle is an important and modifiable risk factor for coronary heart disease .

Comprehensive lifestyle changes that include exercising regularly, a low-fat-high-fiber-vegetarian-diet and a low stress way of living are critical part of

modifying lifestyle to reverse heart disease.

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