Beginning to Heal Heart Disease and its Risk Factors

Beginning to heal is not all that difficult. It begins with acknowledging your own innate healing power. Together we discussed causes of heart blocks and heart attack here.

Let us begin. Vividly imagine the presence of someone you love or some natural place where you had a great time. Spend a minute with this. Bring in all the colors, sounds, smells, touch and feel. Let it fill your whole body. And now, feel how it affects your whole system! Relaxed and light!!

And inside your chemistry has also changed!!! 
Have no doubt on this account.

All profound truths in nature are basically simple! Utterly simple!!

But the impact of simple truth is profound!!

True, there is a genetic angle to being prone to develop heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. All prominent risk factors and causes of coronary heart disease and suffering a heart attack.

But, it is not all that ‘fixed’ as it is made up by ‘scientific medicine’. Basically scientific medicine is much like a steel straight jacket and does not give you any credit to influence your own body. You have much more power than they and you think. Give yourself permission to beginning to heal what you can. Scientific advances of medicine i.e angioplasty, coronary bypass etc. , are always available if they are needed to complement your self healing journey.

You can influence your body this way or that. Even with strong and adverse family history you can heal your body. And make it better .. and .. better. Let there be no doubt about that.

Together we have seen the causes of coronary heart disease. More from a practical angle. I can go on and on to show you that you are not powerless. And, that you can reverse the blocks that are already sitting pretty in your coronaries.

Just like there are causes of coronary heart disease and a heart attack, there are causes of healing also.

Realize, it is not by applying your will power and sheer determination that healing change comes about. It is much more subtle. You can not fight with your own self. It needs a different strategy.

It is one of self love, compassion and understanding. And, it is all yours to enrich and heal your life.

And, don’t forget that by venturing on this journey you will improve the family history for your children. Otherwise they are doomed with a family history worse than yours. You will be adding one more chapter in their family history book. A good chapter!

What legacy you want to leave behind?

Change your life. Change their life. Change the planet.

One example sets hundred others free to try and benefit from a road less traveled.

Once you acknowledge your own healing power, the road map to deep healing is here. But remember the map is not the territory. You need to travel to experience the territory. Map is helpful in the journey.

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