Evista Controversy
Does Evista Help Heart And…

Does Evista Help Heart ?


Evista does not help heart!


If you thought that miracle molecule has arrived to salvage women - from evolving epidemic of coronary artery disease and heart attack – Evista is the disappointment.

“Does Evista Help Heart and …?” Eli Lilly and Company, manufacturer of Evista answered the question in the information revealed for health professionals.

Evista does not increase or decrease overall rate of death, cardiovascular death or heart attack. However, It does increase the death rate from stroke significantly.

2 to 3 fold increase in thrombo-embolic-event like Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism are the most serious complications of Evista

Puzzled by the jargon?


A ‘thrombus’ is a clot of blood that forms in your blood supply lines (arteries and veins). This thrombus can break from its place of origin. This broken clot is called ‘Embolus’.

‘Embolus’ is carried by the flowing blood in the supply lines and can lodge at some critical place. When it is lodged in arteries of lungs – the condition is known as ‘Pulmonary Embolism’. Pulmonary Embolism is a critical condition with very high risk of death. Lodged in the brain it causes – stroke.

Going back to Evista – Evista increases the risk of thrombo-embolism. Pulmonary embolism - 2 to 3 fold. Doubles deaths from stroke.

FDA has approved Evista for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.

Interestingly, Evista has shown to reduce risk of invasive breast cancer. It is also being considered for prevention of breast cancer.

There is concern in clinical circle about breast cancer prevention role of Evista.


Twice as many women die of stroke then breast cancer every year.

And, Evista is approved for the prevention of breast cancer – prevention of half-probable-breast-cancer!

In the bargain, it increases death toll from a twice-as-commoner cause – stroke!

Clinical concerns are well placed! Don’t you think so?

For the moment, it will be prudent to take caution with new magic pill – Evista.

My humble suggestion –

Before going for yet unfamiliar, dubious looking promise – try holistic health care. Advantages are beyond imagination. By Holistic health care - here - I mean to take charge of your life. Embrace Change. Embrace Change that Heals.

And, Heal YOUR LIFE.

Change your question – and, be open-minded to explore the answer.

Turn your question around.

Spare …. ’ Does Evista Help Heart and ……?’

Rather, Ask …. “Can I help MY Heart? Can I do something to prevent breast cancer?”

Trust me … YOU CAN.

Science is still unwilling to give you back your birth right.

Are you waiting for permission from FDA?


Reclaim your health TODAY.

Explore Help Here. I am committed to Nurture Your Healing Initiative.

Take care.

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Does Evista Help Heart And