Celebrex Heart Disease safety
Masking Pain Endangers Heart

Celebrex heart disease safety has become the eye of a raving storm.

Celebrex (celecoxib) increases the risk of heart attack over two fold. For last two years, cox-2 inhibitors class of pain relief medicines are in raging controversy.

FDA is under spot light to consider removing celecoxib from the market in public interest. Evidence is growing that celecoxib is as notorious as its exiled brother Rofecoxib ( generic name of Vioxx ). Vioxx was withdrawn from the world market after strong reactions from clinicians and research scholars. It was found to double the risk of heart attack.

And Now, celebrex heart disease safety is the challenge for FDA. Celecoxib is twin brother of Rofecoxib. Both share the same genes (chemical structure!) and propensity to put your heart in trouble.

Vioxx was withdrawn. There was lot of criticism for FDA’s dilly-dallying to implement a public interest decision swiftly. Insiders from FDA alleged that FDA works to safeguard its clients’ billions rather then public hearts. Over 1,00,000 hearts were supposed to have suffered increased risk, heart attacks and heart attack related deaths due to Vioxx uncensored availability in the market.

And interestingly, it was not FDA that ordered its removal from the market. When pressure became too much, it was Merck – the FDA’s client - that called for Vioxx withdrawal from the market. The reason given for this philanthropic action was clinical feedback received by the company.

The same data was gathering dust in FDA’s safe glass houses. And, this drug regulatory authority did not find it worthy to make a decision to save millions of hearts from preventable risk. Vioxx continued to hurt human hearts around the globe for full five years. Neither, these heart-vital findings were released to public or health care community!!

 Let us hope the same mistake is not repeated the second time by responsible authorities. It will be interesting to see who will bell the cat this time. FDA or its  Client, Pfizer!

Let us listen about your expectations of FDA and other public health regulatory bodies’ role while making recommendations that affect your life and death. Your opinion is warmly welcome here.

And Now, WARNING - celebrex heart disease safety profile is notorious.

Do NOT take celebrex (celecoxib) if you already have one or more heart disease risk factors. Celebrex is likely to significantly increase your risk ofsuffering a heart attack.

Physicians are advised to not to prescribe celecoxib to heart patients. And to prescribe it in minimal doses for shortest period, when indicated.

Expect unimaginable!

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