Reversing Coronary Artery Disease !
A Decision You Will Never Repent !!

Reversing coronary artery disease by making comprehensive and wise lifestyle changes is a practical reality... proved and verified by many scientific researches.

Genes Play A Role BUT…
Lifestyle Choice IS The Basic Factor For
Reversing Coronary Heart Disease

Genes are not blocking your way of reversing your heart disease .

True, a strong family history makes your journey more challenging – but – it shouldn’t distract you from making right lifestyle changes to heal your heart and life.

Genes do influence atherosclerosis, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes -

risk factors for a heart attack - but your genes are not going to stop you from transforming your life. If you start living differently today – you make your choices regarding food, physical activity, smoking and your relationships with care and wisdom – have no doubt – you are on your path to healing your heart in spite of severity of coronary blocks.

Know Your Other Options Also

Deciding to reverse your heart disease by making right kind of lifestyle changes does not mean that you will not need prescription medicines – you must take medicines prescribed by your doctor religiously.

Chances are that your dependence on these medicines will reduce pretty quickly with these intelligent changes in your lifestyle. Stay with your physician so that you don’t over-medicate yourself when your cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar numbers fall in response to your wise changes.

Advocating reversing coronary heart disease by revolutionizing your lifestyle is not to negate and undermine the utility of heart surgery and other technical advances – angioplasty, stents, bypass surgery (CABG) and the stem cell therapy.

These techniques and surgical procedures have their lifesaving role in managing coronary heart disease when heart attack has already struck and you are facing life and death situation in ICU, hooked to monitors and clot dissolving medicines.

If it is in your best interest, your doctor will ask you to undergo the procedure. And, in fact, so many lives are saved every day – thanks to blessing of advances in bypass surgery and angioplasty. Your blood-starved-heart gets a fresh lease of life. And you are privileged to enjoy other day.

Medical Science of Today Is Disease Oriented.

Living Healthy Is Your Choice!

Medical science is slowly waking up to recognizing your self healing potential. Reversing coronary artery disease by regulating your lifestyle is now part of many prestigious medical journals and books. Various studies and researches are on record to prove that you have the power to defeat this number 1 killer of our age -

coronary heart disease .

But, please mind it, heart care industry is a billion dollar monster

And all industry is driven by profit. Health care industry also is not an exception. And, this profit driven industry can impose decisions on its customers (you) where it is profitable for the industry but not the best decision for you. For billion dollars profits - research, pharmaceutical and surgery – propaganda and mis-information is no taboo.

There is lot of concerned voice from within the medical fraternity about overuse (misuse) of bypass surgery, angiography and angioplasty . These surgical procedures, though lifesaving in certain defined situations, must not be preferred where patient is likely to improve his heart condition by regulating his or her own life.

This is a turning point in modern medicine where it seems to accepting the holistic wisdom of body-mind medicine.

Health and Healing Is A Choice!

Will You Chose Healthy Living Today?

Reversing coronary artery disease is not a magic!

It is the natural outcome of your living healthy lifestyle. You can find the comprehensive lifestyle prescription here.

Make your choice today and recreate health.

My best wishes as you begin this personal healing adventure.

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