Symtoms of a Heart Attack!
Recognize Symptoms and Signs of
Mild, Silent or Pending Heart Attack

Heart attack is very deceptive.

Symtoms of a heart attack can be so deceptive and disguised that you may mis-appreciate a heart attack for a heart burn, a flu, an indigestion, a toothache or an attack of anxiety.

Your body is intelligent. It communicates with you on a regular basis. You can sense a common cold, a fever or a headache coming. Most women can tell when their menses is due without looking at a calender. Your body communicates to you what is about to come so that you can prepare to deal with the coming event.

Warning Symptoms of a Heart Attack-

Symptoms of A Pending Heart Attack!!

A heart attack is one of the most critical event that can terminate a life within minutes.

Do you think that such a fatally-critical event can ever come to kill without a forewarning? Seems unlikely, considering body's capacity of feedback and communication.

And, in fact early warning symptoms come to wake you up to an upcoming heart attack - the pending heart attack

These warning symptoms – your anti-burglar alarm – don’t mean to frighten or make you panicky. The obvious meaning of this warning is to wake you up so that you can chase thieves out of your life. The message is to change those risk factors that are about to precipitate a heart attack.

You need not to suffer symtoms of a heart attack. You can prevent a heart attack by mending your ways. That is the only biological purpose of a feedback from a live-intelligent system.

Myth of a Silent Heart Attack Symptoms!!

What are the silent heart attack symptoms?

Obviously, a silent heart attack is silent. There is sudden, symptomless heart attack that can be mild or massive. Right? I disagree on this commonly agreed point.

My take on this point is that silent heart attack is a misnomer. It is unheard and not understood. It is not silent.

Lack of self awareness is responsible for not listening to important biological message from the body. You can train your self awareness muscles by starting to listen to your heart. That makes one awake to that intelligent small voice inside you. By listening to your body you can expect a more balanced, healthy and happy living. This is not an occult science. You knew it as a child. Probably you need to relearn that intuitive language once again. To read more about this emotionally-intelligent issue

you may like to go here.

Mild Heart Attack Symptoms

Symtoms of a heart attack that is mild may be so minimal or unusual that patient ignores them. Mild heart attacks can heal themselves and found later on a routine investigation. Nonetheless, a heart attack in the past – silent, mild or massive – makes you more vulnerable for another heart attack in future.

Many Variants of Heart Attack Symptoms

An heart attack can present in so many ways that even many physicians are likely to miss that.

The best safeguard to avoid dying from an untreated heart attack is to identify one without delay.

Even if you are mildly suspicious of your symptoms – don’t ignore them. Call your emergency number or ask someone to drive you to a medical facility. Time is of utmost important. Minutes can make the difference between living and dying.

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