Heart attack symptoms in women
What Is the Killing Difference?

Heart attack symptoms in women are different from classical text book description of heart attack symptoms.

The deceptive difference is responsible for delayed recognition and treatment of heart attack in women. The result ......

...very high incidence of sudden death from heart attack in women.

Sally (not real name), like many other women, ignored her symptoms and paid the price with her life...

Whereas, Maria sought medical help only to find her clinician undermine, misdiagnose and ignore her symptoms. She was sent back home to suffer a massive heart attack next week.

What is uniquely deceptive about womens heart attack symptoms?

1. Lack of Chest Pain:

chest pain or discomfort is missing in 43% of women with acute MI ( heart attack ).

Realize that chest pain is the chief presentation of heart attack in public perception. Absence of chest pain delays the recognition of heart attack in many women.

Even worse is the fact that 90% of primary physicians are unaware of the fact. They unfortunately exclude the possibility of heart attack due to absence of chest symptoms.

2. Chest 'Pain' IS Different!

Women presenting heart attack with chest symptoms usually describe it as pressure,

ache or


The location of chest discomfort/pain in women with heart attack is usually back or upper chest.

3.Common Heart Attack Symptoms In Women:

Missing chest symptoms - the most commonly reported heart attack symptoms in women are so commonplace that they are instinctively ignored. The delay in recognition costs life to many women having heart attack.

Commonest heart attack symptoms for women

Most common heart attack symptoms in women are:

shortness of breath


undue fatigue

cold sweat


impending sense of doom

See, How Commonplace are these symptoms! - Likely to be Ignored!

Unless you are aware of this unique feminine difference of heart attack symptoms for women - you may fail to act on time when needed !

And then, there is a real possibility of panicking for trivial reasons. I anticipate a huge surge of panic attacks in women as this information percolates down the society.

Heart Attack Women Warning Signs

78% of women experience one or more of the warning or prodromal symptoms for more than month - either daily or several times a week - before having a heart attack. Recognition of these warning symptoms can help motivate the woman to preempt a heart attack by timely medical assistance and life style changes.

It is amazingly frustrating that women were not part of most of the studies done to define risk factors, presentations, prevention approaches and medical and surgical management of coronary artery disease and heart attack.

Women were either excluded entirely or their inclusion was extremely limited.

For this reason, most of the recommendations made for women are projection from the studies done for middle aged men.

This male chauvinistic bias is costing every 1 in 3 women her life.

To learn more about Women and Heart Disease CLICK HERE.

Fortunately if you act early you can refuse to suffer a heart attack. You can reverse your heart disease.

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