Female Heart Attack
Symptoms are Misleading!
Can Be Missed or Dismissed!!

Female heart attack symptoms are so different and misleading that even your primary physician can dismiss your 'unusual' heart attack symptoms as a panic attack, an episode of indigestion or a general rundown.

You are likely to miss (interpret) those symptoms as something trivial and not important. Beware. This mistake and delay in recognition of heart attack symptoms can cost you your life.

Unusually high numbers of women die from a heart attack even before they can reach the hospital. Most of these deaths are preventable by early recognition and treatment. First few minutes after a heart attack are very critical.

Early recognition comes from awareness.

Know Common Female Heart Attack Symptoms

1. Crushing chest pain is the first image that comes to mind while thinking of a heart attack. In fact, chest pain is not one of more common symptoms of heart attack in women. More than 50% women don’t experience chest pain when having a heart attack.

2. When present, chest pain has a very different quality. It is not crushing, severe pain as you must have seen many of your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood stars acting out a heart attack.

Chest pain - as a female heart attack symptoms - is felt more like a pressure, ache or a tightness. And, its location is also that creates confusion. This pain or discomfort is more likely to be felt in upper chest or upper back..

3. Commonest female heart attack symptoms are

• Sudden, unexpected weakness and fatigue

• Difficulty in breathing

• Nausea

• Cold sweating

• Sense of impending doom and anxiety

Why Female Heart Attack
Symptoms are So Misleading?

Women are new victims of this old male disease. Historically, coronary heart disease and heart attack were supposed to be predominantly MALE problem.

But something happened in last few decades that changed the scenario.

Today, almost as many women die from a heart attack related deaths as men. Most women are unaware of the fact that heart disease and heart attack are number one cause of women deaths around the world.

My take on the issue is..

Deep psychological competitive changes in female psyche during ‘feminism movement of 1960 s’ resulted in increased feminine vulnerability for a male disease.

And because, a woman is an unnatural victim of a heart attack – the coronary disease behaves in a strange and different way in women. This is why female heart attack symptoms are misleading. If you want to read more on this subject, you may like to go to following link about
women and heart disease .

What To Do If You Are Experiencing
Heart Attack Symptoms?

• Call 911 and tell that you suspect you are having a heart attack.

• Chew a tablet of uncoated aspirin.

• Ask someone to drive you to hospital. Don’t drive yourself unless there is no other alternative.

• Relax. Be optimistic and hope for the best outcome. Visualize your heart getting good blood supply and pumping in a relaxed and rhythmic way.

How To Prevent A Heart Attack?

Heart attack prevention and reversal of coronary heart disease is scientifically proven fact.

By making intelligent and comprehensive changes in life style – even blocked coronary arteries are found to open up. Symptoms clear up and dependence on medicines reduces in short time. But..

..This change needs a personal commitment. It is doable and anybody can do it. Yes, even you can do it.

1. You may like to begin with your heart attack risk assessment. Risk attack assessment tool is available here on this link .

2. Learn about various risk factors of heart attack .

3. If you have any early warning signs of a pending heart attack , one or more risk factors or a family history of heart attack – go for a cardiac evaluation.

4. Find out what risky lifestyle behavior you need to change.

5. Have a positive mindset about embracing life transforming personal change .

6. Check with your physician about lifestyle changes you need to make . Chances are that soon he will need to cut your medication for heart/blood pressure/cholesterol/diabetes soon – if you begin and persist with recommended changes in lifestyle.

7. In any case, it is your life and you need to take responsibility about your actions. So, be informed. Be skeptical. Ask questions . And, make an informed choice.

My heartfelt good wishes as you go on the healing adventure!!

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