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Signs of a heart attack don’t appear out of blue. There are existing risk factors and underlying heart condition – before a heart attack occurs. Before that fatal heart attack comes - you can do a few things. We will talk about that at the bottom of the page after dealing with signs and symptoms of heart attack here.

Technically ‘signs’ are those that doctor find on your body and ‘symptoms’ are those that you feel because of a disease/problem.

So, you will feel the heart attack symptoms and the doctor will find the signs of a heart attack.

• A chest pain, heaviness, squeezing sensation or a discomfort that may or may not radiate to the shoulder, arm and hand - usually left are the classical symptoms of heart attack.

•Or, the discomfort or pain may be in the jaw, neck or abdomen. Or, the chest discomfort might radiate to these places.

Usually this pain or discomfort lasts for more than a few minutes or comes back again after disappearing.

Or a heart attack may come with pretty unusual symptoms or no symptom at all.

When there are no symptoms – it is a silent heart attack . If it is a massive – big – one, it usually kills before the victim takes any notice of it. Very sudden death.

If it is a small – mild – heart attack that is silent – usually it goes unnoticed and is detected on an EKG later during a routine checkup.

The unusual heart attack symptons or signs of a heart attack - are many and can be so confusing for both patients and doctors that so often timely diagnosis and management of heart attack is missed with unfortunate delay, suffering and death.

Women and diabetics are the prime candidates for such unusual symptoms and signs of a heart attack.

Unusual Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

Pain or discomfort high up in the chest …. or in the back – between two shoulders, heavy perspiration, an impending sense of doom, difficulty in breathing, undue fatigue, a sense of weakness, nausea and dizziness or pain in abdomen! Any of these can be because of a heart attack and so a heart attack symptom.

Signs of a heart attack – as discussed earlier – are those things that doctor finds when he examines a person suffering from a heart attack.

He may find absent pulse, very low or un-recordable blood pressure, a slow, fast, irregular or absent heart beat, profuse sweating and a conscious – often very restless and anxious – or unconscious patient.

But none of these signs and symptoms are absolute signs of a heart attack. Your doctor needs to run an EKG and certain blood tests to make a diagnosis of heart attack.

Changes in the EKG tracing evolve over a period of several hours – so it might be necessary to repeat the EKG a few times in a suspected victim of a heart attack.

Imagine, if you can learn, step by step, the science and art of

prevention and reversal of heart disease – you will be able to not only refuse to suffer signs and symptoms of heart attack, you will live a life full of youthful energy, bliss, happiness and peace.

Why Die From a Senile Disease?

Why die from a preventable disease at a premature age when you can learn to grow younger and live longer with bountiful energy to pursue your deepest vision and dreams?

Imagine, if today, you find that magical button in your mind …. The flick of the magical button enables you to set your life just right – the personal and interpersonal issues.

Just imagine how the life would be if you can reprogram your body-mind to be aware of your immense human healing potential. You are able to listen to that small but clear voice in your heart that guides you toward greater health and happiness.

Know, this imagination is not the fantasy – it is the beginning of a journey that will transform your life.

You will become aware of the natural cycles and will be able to communicate with your inner healer. You will be able to trust on this guidance and affect the bio-chemistry within you in a positive and healing manner.

Begin Today..

This is your true potential. This ever was, and still is within your reach.

And, the best thing is that you can learn to tune into it. Every one can learn it.

Moot question is, are you open and teachable? Are you flexible enough to learn simplicity of life? Lessons -- that can change – transform – your life -- are available within this site. Go ahead and discover what you need.

Burning Desire is the only element that you need to begin. That is the only qualification that you need. Rest is do-able.

Your body-mind has immense healing potential. I am on a mission to help all those who are ready to be helped.

You have learnt about symptoms and signs of a heart attack. Now, you need to learn how to make your heart and your mind and your body healthy.

If, you found the message on this webpage repulsive, esoteric and impractical – leave this site immediately. Otherwise you can not go un-transformed from here. Don’t pursue other links – on this page, you are in danger of becoming enough motivated to take charge of your life.

Hey, I never said that ignore angioplasty, bypass, stem cell transplant, chelation or other medication. All I am saying is that don’t leave your own human potential unused. Might be you don’t need to resort to heart surgery and medication of potential serious side effect. Great chances are you will do well without them. Several studies have shown response as good as 90% and above.

After learning symptoms and signs of a heart attack you might love to begin by listening to your heart.

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