Sample Diets For
Lowering Cholesterol AND Reducing
Your Heart Attack Risk

Sample Diets for Lowering Cholesterol are based on clinical proofs from thousands of patients who reduced their cholesterol and triglyceride levels with similar diet - grounded in natural wisdom.

High Cholesterol is one of the most furiously debated risk factor of heart disease and heart attack. Vast amount of information is available on internet, newspapers, magazines and tv programs about cholesterol diets, medication, exercise programs. Unfortunately, conflicting opinions and view create more confusion rather than clarity for those who need to use the information for health reasons.

Keeping this purpose in mind before giving you link to sample diets for lowering cholesterol – I am going to simplify the rationale and guidelines upon which these sample diets for lowering cholesterol are based.

Guiding Principals Of
Sample Diets For Lowering Cholesterol

Your body NEEDS cholesterol for its biological needs. And your liver CREATES ENOUGH cholesterol to fulfill its organic needs.

Genetic markers make the difference. Both – the cholesterol production and its utilization - are influenced by the set of genes you have inherited from your parents.

In fact, like your body, all animals form cholesterol. All animal foods that you consume, are the sources of cholesterol.

In contrast, plants do NOT create cholesterol. So plant (vegetarian) foods – vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes and beans, nuts and dates - are free of cholesterol.

So, The First Guideline..

Food from Animal Source is source of all cholesterol in your diet.

The Second Guideline..

Plant Food is Free of cholesterol.

But, beware of another cousin of cholesterol that is present in vegetable oils. Vegetable oils have TRIGLYCERIDES.

Extra Calories Form Carbs Are Converted In
Fats - Including Cholesterol !

So, if you are concerned about lowering your cholesterol levels – identify foods that are high in calories and limit their use.

You Need Not Always Count Calories !

In fact, you need not ever count calories if you understand what are the foods with high calories and fat contents – cholesterol and triglycerides. Keep them out of your recipes. Or, limit their use to a minimum. To name… these restricted items are:

Out of Reach = Animal Products --- Meat, Egg Yoke. Egg white can be taken.

If you are on a reversal diet – avoid these foods.

If your cholesterol is not very high – you are on a prevention diet – limit yourself to skinless chicken and fish 2-3 serving a week.

Restrict milk and other milk products – butter, cheese, yoghurt. Take only skimmed milk – not more than 250 gms a day.

Limit your cereal consumption. That is calorie-laden food. Can add to your weight and gets changed in body fat – including cholesterol.

You Can Eat As Much As You Wish
Yet Lose The Weight And Optimize Cholesterol!

Yes, return to the basic diet. Nature has made you a vegetarian. Turn to vegetarian healthy living.

Eat as much of vegetables – both raw and cooked – as you can.

Eat not less than 4 fruits a day. And please, eat you fruit. Don’t drink it. Fruit juices are very poor substitute of full, fresh fruit.

Have plenty of beans and legumes. They are probably the best human food available.

Nuts are not recommended if your goal is reversal of heart disease. You may like to read more about

healing heart diet on this link .

Know that cholesterol is not the only risk factor for your heart. Coronary heart disease is a multi-factorial disease. Dealing with this problem – you need an approach that is as versatile as the disease is. For comprehensive lifestyle changes for reversing heart disease - you will find additional reading here .

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