Naturally Proper Diet For
High Cholesterol Is
A Vegetarian Diet

We pay the penalty of going against the natural wisdom.

proper diet for high cholesterol is a vegetarian diet because nature has made human beings to be vegetarian.

Physical Features of Natural Meat Eaters

Look at the lion, tiger, cats and dogs.

They have sharp, pointed claws (nails) and biting canines that can tear apart the flesh of their prey.

The saliva in their mouth and juices in their stomach are strongly acidic to handle the meat. Their intestines are relatively short to limit the transit of meat in their body.

They are evolved in nature to survive on other animalsā€™ meat. And because, meat is their natural food ā€“ they can eat surprisingly huge amounts of meat without any risk of cholesterol, diabetes or coronary heart disease and heart attack.

Physical Features of Human Beings
Resemble With Vegetarian Organisms

Our nails and teeth are meant to chew fruits and vegetables. They are not meant to tear flesh of animals.

The acidity of our saliva and gastric juices is not as high as nature has provided to natural meat eaters.

Length of our intestine is unbelievably large. Nature has provided such large intestines to herbivores. So, if we go against the natural recipe for our system we become susceptible to many diseases. High cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, many types of cancers including those of colon are found to be highest in those individuals who are meat eaters.

Naturally Proper Diet For High Cholesterol Is
Vegetarian Diet

Each day proofs are mounting that a vegetarian diet low on refined food and high on fibers is the most effective way of reversing high cholesterol and heart blocks. This dietary prescription is so powerful that in most cases your dependence on cholesterol drugs will reduce substantially.

It is not only diet but the whole lifestyle that will help you to reverse your disease and cholesterol. If you are eating the intelligent vegetarian diet , have a physically active lifestyle and you are a non smoker ā€“ you have the best health insurance for a long, healthy and happy life.

If you are motivated, you may find the comprehensive lifestyle prescription at this link . This will help you not only to lower the cholesterol levels ā€“ you can expect an all round health.

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