Heart Attack Signs In Women!
Awareness Can Save You From
A Preventable Heart Attack

Heart attack signs in women are not well appreciated because heart attack symptoms in women are quite different from general perception about heart attack in women.

As a woman, you may not feel that heart attack is a real health risk for you. Not many people know this fact that in America and other developed countries coronary heart disease / heart attack is number one cause of death in women. Women deaths caused by heart attack outnumber the total deaths caused by breast, ovarian and cervical cancer. This is surprising because this is a newer trend. (Click here for Women and Heart Disease)

Historically heart attack was supposed to be a primarily male problem. But, no more. Now, as many women become victims of heart disease as men.

Awareness Can Save You
From Heart Attack and…

Yes, awareness can save you from a premature heart attack and a premature death.

By recognizing this special vulnerability of heart attack in women – you can start today to do something about it.

A heart attack can be prevented by minimizing the risk factors of CHD .

By timely, intelligent and comprehensive changes in lifestyle even severe heart disease can be reversed .

In fact, this is the only sane way to bypass this tragedy. Angioplasty and bypass surgery are short term, comparatively risky and very expensive alternatives.

No doubt, these surgical advances save many lives every day because they land up in a crisis situation with complete or almost complete blocks of coronary arteries. Angioplasty or bypass surgery doesn’t offer a long term solution. Coronary blocks appear again. Future heart attacks can not be prevented by these surgical procedures alone.

Awareness of heart attack signs in women

Heart attack signs in women are quite different from the general perception of heart attack signs and symptoms.

Chest Pain Is Absent In Many Women With Heart Attack

Almost 50% of women with heart attack don’t experience chest pain – the classical picture of a heart attack in public perception.

When Present Chest Pain Is Different in Nature

Severe crushing chest pain of heart attack that you must have seen your in your favorite Hollywood blockbusters is not what woman having an heart attack usually feel. When present the nature of chest pain or discomfort is

• Pressure

• Tightness or

• Aching

Being aware of this chest discomfort variant helps in recognizing my heart attack in women that could have been missed.

Most Common Heart Attack Signs in Women

Silent heart attack is increasingly associated with women. That means that many women don’t experience any symptom while having a heart attack. Up to 50% of women with heart attack die before they reach a hospital. In most cases, it happens because heart attack signs in women go unnoticed.

Usual heart attack signs in women are:

• Shortness of breath

• Undue weakness and fatigue

• Cold clammy sweats

• Nausea

• Chest Burning as with Heart Burn

• Abdominal discomfort as with indigestion• Impending sense of doom and anxiety.

What to Do
When Having Heart Attack Signs and Symptoms?

When having a heart attack, time is of critical importance. Don’t ignore heart attack symptoms.

Call 911 (USA) or your emergency number.

Ask someone to drive you to hospital.

Chew a tablet of aspirin.

Remain calm.

Ask the duty doctor in ER to investigate your heart. If needed, insist for a cardiologist consultation.

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of
Heart Attack In Women

Nature sends the warning before heart attack strikes in women.

For as long as 1 month or more before the actual heart attack – many women have following warning symptoms and signs.

• Unusual Tiredness

• Disturbed Sleep

• Shortness of breath

• Nausea or indigestion

• Anxiety / a sense of impending doom

Unfortunately, these warning heart attack signs in women are so subtle that they can be missed or even dismissed.

These symptoms are so common that it is difficult to know when to take them seriously.

It is recommended that if you have a family history of heart attack or having one or more of the risk factors of heart attack – don’t ignore any doubtful symptom.

Go consult your doctor and insist for a screening for your heart health.

And don’t wait to find something wrong with your heart!

You don’t need to wait for those warning signs and symptoms of heart attack to wake up and start living mindfully.

Know, your personal transformation can prevent you from a heart attack. You can reverse the heart disease by making the wise living choices TODAY.

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