Life Style Changes Can Prevent
Heart Attack In Women

Heart attack in women is entirely preventable. Timely changes in lifestyle can reverse most risk factors of heart attack like - overweight, high cholesterol and hypertension. Even advanced blocks of coronary arteries are reversible by comprehensive lifestyle changes.

When Heart Attack Strikes–
Every Minute COUNTS.

• When you suspect a heart attack - Don’t waste time. First few minutes are critical.

• Don’t panic.

• Call 9-1-1.Tell you are having a heart attack.

• Chew one tablet of aspirin. This can minimize heart muscle damage.

• Ask someone to drive you to nearest cardiac care emergency.

• Insist for a thorough examination - if necessary – by a cardiologist. If you are not feeling comfortable ask for admission and overnight observation.

• Relax. Keep a positive outlook. Visualize your heart looking healthy. All parts getting good blood supply.

Heart attack in women-
Deceptive Symptoms!

Main reason of heart attack related deaths is delay in recognition of symptoms.

Awareness of symptoms helps in early recognition of heart attack.

Severe gripping pain in chest - what you see in Hollywood and Bollywood - is often not what women experience during a heart attack. Still some women may feel this.

Most common symptoms of acute heart attack in women are Shortness of breath, Undue weakness and fatigue.

Unusual Symptoms of
Heart Attack in Women

• A feeling of discomfort, pressure, tightness, aching or burning in chest, upper back, shoulders, neck or jaw.

• Discomfort or burning in stomach and/or abdomen

• Cold, clammy sweats

• Difficulty in breathing

• Dizziness or blackout

• Indigestion or nausea

• Anxiety and a sense of impending doom

Please realize, not all the symptoms appear in every woman with heart attack. There could be any of these symptoms in isolation or in combination.

Beware of Silent Heart Attack

Heart Attack without any symptoms!

Silent heart attack is more common in women. If it is mild – it will be detected in a future routine examination like ECG and Echo-cardiograph. It it is severe – it may result in a sudden death.

Good News – Women get...

..Warning Symptoms
Before a Heart Attack

As early as 1 month before – women may receive early warning signs and symptoms. This is the wake up call. Don’t ignore this intelligent message from your body. Your body wants you to take notice of the impending disaster and do something about it.

Be informed. Find out what you can do to prevent a possible heart tragedy. Introspect, learn to communicate with your body, trust what your body conveys to you.

Symptoms are body’s language to bring to your consciousness the need to reorganize your life. You can reverse heart disease by changing your eating and physical activity patterns, by quitting smoking and accepting some subtle, but more profound, changes in your relationships with others and yourself.

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Reversing heart disease is a process.

Benefits are more than simply preventing a heart attack. You will prevent many other serious life –crippling diseases. And best of all – your quality of life will reach a level - probably - you have not experienced for several years. This approach to reverse heart disease – is truly a prescription for anti-aging. Scientific evidences are flowing of healing power of this ancient wisdom. This is the path of self care and self empowerment.

Begin today. Reclaim your health. Reclaim your life.

With this awareness YOU are the newest ambassador for preventing heart attack in women.

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