Women heart attack symptoms !
Feminine difference that kills!!

Women Heart Attack Symptoms can be very deceptive for patients and doctors both.

It was about a month ago….

Susan (not her real name) waved her head in dismay. So much work

was still pending – she will not be able to join Mark for evening out. She didn’t want to offend Mark – he is so unpredictable. Nervously she fumbled with her mobile. She felt so lonely inside.

Suddenly, she felt as if some-thing drained her of all energy. She was out of breath and wanted to run out of her cubicle. But her body betrayed her. Incapable of lifting herself from the chair, she panicked.

“Something is awfully wrong Mark ….” she somehow managed to whisper on the phone. “Pleeease! Can you come over here?”

Urgency in her voice desisted Mark to ask any question. “Right away, Susan. Hold on. I will be there right away. Just relax.”

Less than half hour later, emergency resident doctor reassured that it was just a panic attack. No cause to worry. Couple of anti-anxiety pills and she was sent back home.

Since then, she has not been sleeping well.

That creepy, weak feeling came back a few times. Otherwise, nothing extraordinary. She remembered to pop that little pill before going to bed each night. And she thought that it was helping her.

But today, Monday morning – as she was hurrying to get to office in time, all hell broke loose.

Limp and suffocated, Susan felt as if world trade tower had collapsed over her chest. A pressure on the chest she could not describe any other way.

She called 9-1-1. Within minutes she was in the cardiac unit of the hospital. Massive heart attack ! Diagnosis shocked everyone. She was just 42.

Susan was getting early heart attack warning symptoms. They were misdiagnosed as panic attack. One month later, Susan is struggling in the cardiac unit with a massive heart attack.

Not only Women heart attack symptoms are different from classical symptoms of heart attack, even the response to medical and surgical treatment - bypass surgery & angioplasty - in women is different and … disappointing. (Women and Heart Disease)

Chest pain which is the hallmark of heart attack in men – is often missing in women. This difference is the prime cause of delay in diagnosis and treatment.

The commonest women heart attack symptoms are

• Unexplained weakness

• Undue Fatigue … and

• Difficulty in Breathing

(Fort 10 common heart attack symptoms go with this link.)


Women experience warning symptoms of heart attack as much as one month before.

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One of every two women is likely to suffer a coronary artery disease

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