Smart Choice For A Dynamic Health
Adopt Vegetarian Healthy Living!!

If you are unsure where to begin to turn around your health – begin with adopting vegetarian healthy living.

Why Vegetarian Healthy Living?

Health is your birth right. In fact, if you are living in resonance with the natural laws – health is your natural state.

It is only when your depart from the natural laws – you get feedback from the nature.

That feedback is in the form of a sensation or a feeling. When this sensation or feeling is of being uneasy – you call it a symptom.

And, when there are symptoms – nature is kind of telling you that you are drifting too far away from what is natural for you. This symptom-feedback is a reminder for you to return to your naturally healthy way of living.

Epidemic of Modern Plagues – Wrong Fuel (Food) Is Important CauseJust imagine…..

…your automobile which is made to operate on petrol is being driven on diesel or fish oil or canola oil.

Wrong fuel will damage the engine and other parts of the car. Car efficiency will nose dive and rather soon your car will not be drive-worthy. Isn’t so? Wrong food will damage and destroy the car in much less time than its expected life.

Your body is also a biological engine that is made to run on certain fuel (food). All engines are supposed to run on their optimum fuel.

Have a Look At The Body of those
Animals That Are Meat Eaters….

• They have sharp nails and claws.

• They have sharp canines and teeth

• Acidity of their saliva is very high to handle flesh

• Their stomach fluid is highly acidic to digest meat

• Their intestines are very short for fast elimination of remnants of food

These natural meat eaters can eat huge amounts of meat without having high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity or a risk of colon or intestinal cancer.

They handle meat-based diet so efficiently and without any dis-ease because their body-engine is made to run on non-vegetarian fuel.

They don’t die unnatural deaths from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, obesity and cancers.

They gracefully live, grow and die their natural deaths.

We don't have either matching nails, teeth or the intense acidity of saliva and stomach fluid. Our intestines are too long to process non-vegetarian protein or fat. It is long like those animals who are vegetarian. Long to digest cellulose food.

All anatomical and physiology evidences prove that we are made to be vegetarian!!

Something is Seriously Wrong With
Our Food Science

Since childhood, we have been conditioned to think of meat, dairy and poultry as the 'power' food.

Just consider..

..50% of human race on this planet is at risk of dying from a preventable heart attack. High cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are other important diseases responsible for immense human suffering and deaths.

Something 'very basic' is wrong with human living style.

Is it the food?

Do we need to revolutionize our eating style to save ourselves and future generations from dying a preventable death from a heart attack?

Vegetarian Healthy Living And Lifestyle Is
Scientifically Proven….

Research based proof is mounting.

Vegetarian healthy living saves you from coronary heart disease, coronary blocks, heart attack and strokes.

By adopting a vegetarian healthy living you can literally trim
risk of heart disease and all its risk factors including high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Eat lot of vegetables and salads. Raw.. and, minimally cooked.

Consume lot of beans and pulses.

Eat lot of fruits.

If cholesterol or overweight is not your problem - relish some nuts and dates every day.

Drink lot of water.

Phytochemicals and natural antioxidants present in green vegetables, variety of fruits, nuts, beans and legumes contain the most powerful health benefits that you can not expect from handful of pills and health supplements.

For full

heart healthy vegetarian diet you may like to go to this link .

If you are nurturing a thought of changing to vegetarian healthy living – you are going to take the most important health creating decision of your life.

Begin today.

Become vegetarian. Promote vegetarian healthy living lifestyle. You may like to read vital tips for healthy living at this link.

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